Lavoie, Carol


Lavoie, Carol C.A., NCGR level IV, counseling
West Hartford, CT
(800) 659-1247 (860) 232-6521

Carol is a full time counseling astrologer with 22 years of experience offering a full line of astrological counseling services, including natal/predictive sessions, horary, electional, rectification, compatibility and career counseling, learning all her skills from her husband, Alphee. Over the years she has lectured at many well known national astrological organizations and conferences as well as local business groups and professional organizations. Carol has written articles for many astrological publications, including Dell Horoscope, Horoscope Guide, Mercury Hour, Aspects, Astrology – Your Daily Forecast and dozens of other publications. For years her monthly columns of HealthScope and PetScope were read in Horoscope Guide magazine. For the last 6 years she has been writing astrology columns for a large company’s website, promotes astrology in the community, and works side by side with Alphee in Air Software. And, of course, her full time counseling career continues to thrive.