Leoncini, Cassandra

Cassandra Leoncini Leoncini, Cassandra
Silver City, NM

Cassandra Leoncini has been an avid student of astrology since the early 1970’s and a practicing astrological counselor since the 1980’s. Her graduate level academic training includes archetypal psychology and symbolic anthropology. “I find astrology a vital, transformative tool for divining our life’s deepest purpose. The broad range of myth, metaphor and symbolism available to us through any given chart means that we, as astrologers, must be able to walk and fly simultaneously, using our rational intellect and our irrational intuition. Only when the astrologer is capable of translating this information, like a shaman returning from her journey, does a chart reading become a practical, meaningful experience for the client.” Cassandra teaches regular workshops and classes and is available for readings in person or long distance, offering “Creative and Healing Guidance for People in Transition.”