Lutin, Michael

Michael LutinLutin, Michael
New York, NY

Michael Lutin, astrologer Phi Beta Kappa at Trinity, Michael Lutin did special study in French language at Harvard and even began a PhD program at Yale. He is the current President and Certified member of the National Council for Geocosmic Research, New York Chapter, member San Diego Astrology Society, ISAR, AFAN and of the International Society for Communicative Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy.

Michael is the author of SATURN SIGNS : THE ASTROLOGY OF STRESS ,FEAR AND ANXIETY, MADE IN HEAVEN: The Astrology of Why The People You Are Attracted To Eventually Drive You Crazy, and CHILDHOOD RISING: THE ASTROLOGY OF YOUR MOTHER, FATHER AND YOU (Delacorte, 1991). His columns appear in VANITY FAIR, GERMAN VOGUE and VOGUE JAPAN.

Michael conducts a number of seminars and one man shows including: “Saturday Night At the End of the World in Cleveland” “My Mother Smoked During Pregnancy”, “Don’t Mess With Mr. In between”, “Michael Lutin’s Mind: Live”, “Conflict and Creativity”,” Listen And Win”, “No Free Lunch” “Now What?” and in 2003 “HOW TO FLOAT ON A TIDAL WAVE”.

A man of many talents, he has also written several plays: “Pluto In Scorpio”, “I Was Nostradamus’ Girlfriend”, “Alien Follies” and “What God Says Goes”. His current book projects are SIGNS OF DESIRE, An Astrological Novel and CUPID’s LITTLE JOKE, What Really Happens When You Fall In Love,

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