Marra, Larry

Larry MarraMarra, Larry
Kettering, OH

I am a retired HS Band and Choir Director. I hold a BA in Music but later went back and earned a Master’s degree in Psychological counseling to help troubled students.

I learned astrology to prove to my workout buddies that they were tossing their hard-earned money away getting star chart readings as I was certain that Astrology was bunk. They asked me what I knew about the subject and I said I didn’t know a thing about it. So they told me to “Shut up! I knew that they were right, so began studying the subject intently to show my friends that astrology doesn’t work. I went to the astrologer my friends were seeing and I was astounded at what he could derive. I then bought every astrology book in print and immersed myself in learning how to interpret star charts so that I too could help the stars light the way for those searching for answers. That was 27 years ago and I am still trying.