Miller, Alice

Alice MillerMiller, Alice (Rev.)
Golden, CO

Alice Miler Photo Rev. Alice Miller has been a practicing professional astrologer since 1983, and an astrological writer since 1988. She has spoken for Rocky Mountain NCGR and CFA and is a regular contributor to “Today’s Astrologer.” Rev. Miller is also a Life Member of AFA.

A highly intuitive Minister of Astrology, Rev. Alice Miller is, first and foremost an astrologer. Into her work she weaves significant elements of psychology and metaphysics, to create a practical handbook for developing the pre-incarnational intentions of each client.

In addition to her work for private clients, Rev. Alice Miller teaches her methods through her writings, both on the web and in her books. She is the author of thirteen published astrology texts, including her signature work on Interceptions: Heralds of a New Age: Interceptions and Possibilities for a New Age: Intercepted Planets. Her goals as a writer are to modernize astrology and to teach students to think astrology. A full catalog is available on her web site.

Rev. Alice has a unique international practice doing readings by e mail. All her readings are original manuscripts, especially written for the client. Samples are available on her web site. While a variety of readings are available, she concentrates on Life Print readings. These are like the blueprint and/or schematic for your life. They are the foundation for all further readings. Done from the natal chart, these include both genetic and environmental elements. Specializing in personal and spiritual growth for all, she offers suggestions on how to make your chart work for you in better ways. Also, recommended are various cyclic return readings such as the Solar, Jupiter, Saturn, and Chiron Returns. These help clients to see how they are progressing in fulfillment of various life goals.

A primary theme in both her readings and writings is the upward evolution in human consciousness. She has developed the astrology of the Possibility People and is currently researching a future astrology for the Indigos and Crystal Children. Rev. Alice is a natural psychologist and her books include Healing the Inner Child: The Astrology of Family Dysfunction. She is deeply spiritual and a trained metaphysician. The term psycho-spiritual has been applied to her work, and she has been compared to the great esotericist, Alice Bailey.

The ten traditional planets and Chiron are used in every reading. Her pioneering work on interceptions is important to many. In addition, she has also developed a special technique to be applied to individuals who are left-dominant and/or primarily right brained (intuitive). This has lead to many delighted clients who had found earlier readings disappointing.

We are rapidly approaching a new age. Many people are in transition and/or transformation. It can be a major aide to those who are paving the way for a future that will be very different from the past. If ever there was a time for applied astrology, it is now. Lifeprint Astrology specializes in assisting those who are consciously moving toward the future.