Monteiro, Marcos

Marcos MonteiroMonteiro, Marcos
Barra Velha/SC, Brazil
mvmonteiro1 (skype)

Marcos began studying astrology under Pedro Sette Câmara, a former student of the world famous astrologer, John Frawley. He wanted to understand natural symbolism, and to see if this strange technique worked, so he got interested in horary. Years later, after having studied much and having practiced more, he took Frawley’s Horary Course, becoming a Horary Craftsman in 2012. He has the honor of being a Master Astrologer at Chris Warnock’s Society of Astrologers Directory and is the only Brazilian there. He speaks and understand Portuguese, English, and French, and understand Spanish.

He has translated John Frawley’s revised and updated “The Horary Textbook” into Portuguese (soon to be published), and Anthony Griffin’s “Astrological Judgment of Theft (released as a Kindle e-book).