The Moon Tarot Card Meaning

The Moon is a Major Arcana card, and like most tarot cards, it can have vastly different meanings depending on whether it is in the upright or reversed position. However, unlike most of the other major arcana cards, its upright attributes tend to be negative while its reverse attributes tend to be slightly more positive. Let’s take a closer look at The Moon and see what this intriguing tarot card is all about.

Situational Meanings of The Moon

The Moon tarot card description, like the other tarot cards, indicates that The Moon can have different meanings in different situations. This can apply to your career, love life, and how you manage your finances. While The Moon is generally a negative card, it can be a positive omen in certain instances.

Moon Upright Meaning

Upright full Moon tarot card meanings

Moon Tarot Card Meanings (Upright): The general upright meaning of The Moon card is almost entirely negative. When The Moon appears it can be associated with several concepts such as fear, anxiety, misconception, and self-deception. The moon can indicate lunar cycles. For a woman, it can also indicate her menstrual cycle.

In some cases, The Moon can be a sign that you’re being deceived or that your relationships are unstable and The Moon’s light is exposing hidden truth. One of the few positive traits of The Moon upright is that it can be a sign that you should rely upon your intuition more heavily when seeking the truth like the Eight of Cups.

Love & Relationships – Upright

In the upright position, The Moon in a love tarot reading means that your love life may not be as well off as you think it is. There is probably a lot of tension and buried emotions under the surface that could cause major problems if not addressed soon. Deceit, lies, and unfaithfulness may also be present. Taking a more objective look at your relationship would be a good idea at this time.

If you’re not in a romantic relationship, The Moon card could indicate that these negative qualities are present in other relationships. Maybe a friend or family member is lying to you or conning you in some way. In any case, The Moon means that you should be extra cautious and observant in all your relationships.

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Job & Career – Upright

Unsurprisingly, the upright position of The Moon in Job & Career tarot readings means that there is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to your career. This could be due to your boss or coworkers withholding vital information or simply due to a general lack of self-confidence in the workplace. You may also be struggling with your boss and/or coworkers due to a lack of communication.

Money & Finances – Upright

The Moon in Money & Finance tarot readings can indicate a dire warning when it comes to your money and finances. It could mean that your financial future is uncertain and/or that you should avoid taking any financial risks at the moment. It can also mean that you are lacking the critical information necessary to make wise financial decisions.

The upright Moon can also mean that you’re being deceived financially as well. Be wary of grifters and conmen, and make sure that you’re spending your money wisely. Balancing your budget to help prevent needless spending and/or overspending can also be a good idea during this time as well.

Moon Reversed Meaning

Reverse full moon tarot card meanings.

Moon Tarot Card Meanings (Reversed): Oddly enough, the reversed position of The Moon is more positive than its upright counterpart. Even so, it still carries several negative attributes such as inner confusion and repressed emotions. However, it also represents overcoming negative self-talk, fear, and anxiety as well as seeing through illusions. Unfortunately, it can be a sign that you’re deceiving yourself in some situations.

Love & Relationships – Reversed

If The Moon card appears reversed in a tarot reading it means that things are going to get better in your relationship, but they might get worse first. For example, if your partner is lying to you about something, you will uncover the truth. It may be difficult to get through this, but your relationship will be better off for it. Likewise, The Moon may also mean that you’re lying to yourself about the state of your relationship but will soon find the courage to confront your partner about it.

In general, The Moon reversed means that you will quiet your inner turmoil and find a greater state of tranquility by embracing the truth. As a result, you’ll regain your self-confidence and make better decisions regarding your relationships.

Job & Career – Reversed

While The Moon reversed is slightly more positive than the upright when it comes to career meaning, there are still some negative attributes. In a job & career tarot reading, it could indicate that you’re struggling with a creative block or that you’re lying to yourself regarding your career choices.

On the other hand, The Reversed Moon could also mean that your career path is about to become clearer or that you’ll experience less instability at work. Regardless, the reverse Moon is a better omen than the upright Moon regarding your career.

Money & Finances – Reversed

The Moon reversed indicates that you may gain the insight to make better financial decisions soon. This could mean seeing through the lies of someone trying to con you or it could mean having a moment of insight that redefines how you manage your finances. However, The Reversed Moon is once again a message of caution and you should be careful with any financial decisions you make during this time.

Be Wary of The Moon but Don’t Fear It

Overall The Moon is a much more negative tarot card than most and revolves heavily around lies, deception, and illusion. However, The Reversed Moon is ultimately a sign that you need to embrace the divine feminine within and be more intuitive and self-confident and listen to that inner voice.

Things may get worse before they get better, but as long as you’re willing to place a stronger focus on critical thinking and introspection, you can dispel the deceit and embrace the underlying truths that have been hidden from you.

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