Nicholson, Jenae

Nicholson, Jenae
Moses Lake, WA

Jenae Nicholson has practiced and taught astrology, palmistry, and tarot for over 35 years. She began giving readings at a very young age and has dedicated her life to helping other people develop their intuition and self-esteem. Her style of metaphysical counseling focuses on balancing body, mind, and spirit.

Astrology is a symbolic, psychological language that goes far beyond just the Sun sign. A properly interpreted birth chart can be a valuable guide to help you understand your unique personality. The positions of the planets and the angles between them (the aspects) reveal the strengths and talents, weak points or fears, key life experiences, love and companionship, and opportunities for growth for each individual based on the time, date and place of birth. The angles to planets in the birthchart formed by planets in their current orbits are called transits. Transits and specially cast charts called progressed charts create a kind of astral weather report to show the current trends. This gives you the opportunity to anticipate possible effects, and thus time your efforts for best results.

Astrology is not Fate. It is not some rigid classification system cast in concrete. Astrology is a dynamic, flexible method of organizing and understanding the elements of personality, the changing influence of the Universe and, most importantly, how to use this knowledge to grow in freedom, happiness, and self-awareness.

Besides metaphysics, Jenae loves her family, friends, gardening, and she is particularly fond of lilies. Jenae is also available to teach small groups. For a list of services and prices, please email me at