Nine of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

In a reading, the Nine of Pentacles tarot card meanings indicates material well-being. The querent is likely to have financial independence and self-sufficiency. Luxury and wealth are possibilities. However, isolation, arrogance, and being too focused on material things may also be indicated.


The Nine of Pentacles is a minor arcana card and in most decks shows a woman of obvious means. In the Rider-Waite tarot deck, she is enjoying the beauty of her garden. Behind her, a large house shows us that she owns her own property.

Her clothing and posture indicate that she is wealthy and of high social standing. She has nobility in her posture. While the gold of her outer garments represents wealth, the inner lining is red, which represents passion. This is not a cold woman, but someone who enjoys the work she does.

Behind her are vines already heavy with both grapes and golden coins, showing that she is not beginning a new enterprise but enjoying the fruits of her labor. At the same time, her posture is relaxed, and she has a falcon calmly seated on her left hand. This indicates that she is not a workaholic and obsessed with gaining wealth. The falcon signifies that she is interested in both intellectual and spiritual things; yet she is a mature person who does not reveal every plan. She has self-control.

Nine of Pentacles in the Upright

Nine of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings (Upright): The Nine of Pentacles tarot card meanings indicate that the querent has done the hard work to create success and material abundance in his or her life like other tarot cards such as the Ten of Pentacles. If this minor arcana card appears in your own reading, it means that you can now finally enjoy the results of all your efforts.

Because you’ve worked for your success, you have obvious contentment and confidence about you that people will notice.

This confidence is warranted. You’re like the pig that built his house from bricks. You have created a sturdy, strong, and stable foundation for your wealth by doing the work yourself relying on self-reliance. This is not like someone who has won the lottery.

This card indicates that after all of your hard work, you can take time to enjoy the good things in life. Relax, rest, do things that you enjoy. It’s OK to slow down.

The Nine of Pentacles tarot card description tells the hard worker and frugal spender that now might be the time to splurge a bit, with both your time and money. It’s OK to pamper yourself. Even if you feel that you have not yet reached all of your goals, this card is telling you that it’s OK to be less focused on them right now.

Whether you take the time to treat yourself to a spa day with your best friend, putter in the garden, or go on a vacation with your partner, it’s OK to celebrate right now.

The Nine of Pentacles card in a tarot reading also tells you that you can achieve financial freedom from your own actions and efforts. You don’t need to wait for a prince (or princess) to rescue you. You can individually create the life you want to lead. While the Nine of Pentacles applies to querents of both genders, it shows us an independent woman who also has financial independence. Perhaps this is a lesson that women in particular need to learn – that they don’t need anyone else in order to achieve the freedom they desire.

This card tells you to trust your instincts when it comes to your investments.

It also emphasizes your harmony with the natural world. The woman on the card is happy outdoors. Pentacles, after all, represent the earth. Green grass, growing things, birds… all of these signify the woman’s ties to this practical element. While many people may consider the earth boring, it is needed to nurture life. Not only does it sustain us, but it is filled with wonder and beauty as well, whether it is the magnificence of redwood or the health-giving fruit of the vine.

When you see this card in a spread, one possible interpretation is that it is telling you to spend time in nature to rejuvenate yourself.

Love – Upright

The Nine of Pentacles upright position in a tarot reading indicates that you may not be looking for romance right now. You’ve built a good life for yourself and don’t really need a partner to enjoy it. This can actually make you more attractive to potential partners as it provides them with a sense of freedom. If you are already in a relationship, this indicates that you find a balance between your own life and your lives together.

You won’t give up your own career or the time you spend with friends, family members, or your hobbies. Another interpretation of this card if you are in a relationship already is that you might buy a home or work on one you already own.

Career – Upright

The Nine of Pentacles tarot card seems geared for a career tarot reading. Look to the long-term success of your business, or advancement in your career. It suggests that your professional accomplishments will be acknowledged and rewarded abundantly. It might also signify a comfortable retirement coming up, or a vacation.

Money – Upright

If you see the Nine of Pentacles in a financial tarot reading, take comfort – prosperity is indicated. Your investments will pay off, your home value will increase, and you won’t need to worry about security. If you have a business, it will either become profitable or continue to reap rewards.

Nine of Pentacles Reversed

Nine of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings (Reversed): Self-worth is the focus of the Nine of Pentacles reversed. Are you questioning if you are good enough? If you suffer from a low self-image, this card may be gently scolding you that it’s time to believe in yourself. Believe that you deserve abundance, not just materially but in every way. Take the time to care for your own needs, even if that involves spending money on yourself.

The Nine of Pentacles reversed might also signal you are working too hard. If you can’t remember the last time you took a vacation – then you probably need one. In keeping with the theme of the card, a trip to a beautiful natural spot might be the best remedy for what ails you.

The Nine of Pentacles reversed may also be telling you to focus less on material things because currently, you are too focused on material or superficial aspects. Trust that you will have what you need and stop stressing so much about working hard. If you are prioritizing material wealth at the expense of your relationships and good health, then you may find your life to be unbalanced.

Love – Reversed

When it comes to love the Nine of Pentacles reversed indicates that while you feel satisfied with your life, you are really missing something. Ask yourself if you are pushing a potential partner away. Even if you are in a relationship, there may be walls up that prevent you from experiencing true intimacy with your significant other.

Career – Reversed

Reversed, the Nine of Pentacles suggests that while you desire success, you haven’t been working for it. Alternatively, it could indicate that you have worked so hard that you can no longer see the forest for the trees. You may need to step back and reevaluate. If you own a business, are you sure that your employees are trustworthy? Whatever the situation, if you address the root cause, you can change the outcome.

Money – Reversed

Reversed, it could indicate that you have not made wise decisions with your money and you need to find sage advice. Are you spending more than you should? This may be time to evaluate your budget and self-control. It may also indicate you are financially dependent on someone else and are feeling trapped. But you can make choices to change your situation.