Ognjenovic, Igor

Igor OgnjenovicOgnjenovic, Igor
Zagreb, Croatia
+385 91541 4505

Igor Ognjenovic is Lecturer and Head of the Centre for Astrological Education in Zagreb, Croatia. He graduated in Mathematics from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Zagreb. Igor has been working on the promotion of astrological culture for a number of years. He has published articles in Chiron magazine, the Sabian Symbol Inernational newsletter, Jutarnji list, Fokus, Astro Magazin, Sensa, Elle, and 24sata. He is Associate Editor of the astrology column at Svjetlost. He is a member of the Croatian Astrological Association since its establishment. Igor wrote “360 Pandora’s Boxes”, the book which is synthesis of various symbols for Zodiacal degrees (Sabian, di Abano, La Volasfera, Charubel, Carelli, Kozmisky, Chandra)