Oja, Dorothy

Dororthy OjaOja, Dorothy
Watertown, MA
Twitter: OjaDorothy

Dorothy Oja is a certified, astrological professional (ISAR C.A.P.) and career astrologer offering complete Astrological Consulting through her practice, MINDWORKS. A full-time astrologer since 1981, Dorothy began her astrological studies in 1971. She has lectured nationwide and internationally since 1981.
Community Service: Having served two terms as Chair, one as Co-Chair, Dorothy is now an advising member of AFAN’s Legal Information Committee, dedicated to protecting the constitutional rights of astrologers when faced with anti-astrology ordinances. Currently, Dorothy is an ISAR Board member, member of the ISAR Certification Committee and Chair of the ISAR Ethics Committee2.

MINDWORKS services include: Timing/Electional work (dates for surgery, weddings, business openings and specific research), Composite/Davison Relationship analysis, Children’s Profiles and private tutoring. Meta-Coaching sessions involve eliciting the astrological and sacred dynamics of your chart to empower realization of your goals and find satisfaction in self-expression. An active writer for national magazines and online sites, collections of Dorothy’s articles are available upon request. Dorothy writes a free, weekly ezine, Planet Weather, published for the past 5.5 years for enthusiastic subscribers, which includes social & cultural commentary. Dorothy has frequently appeared as a guest on TV and hosted her own radio shows. In October 2000, Dorothy published her text Compatibility & Conflict for Romantic Relationships as a computer interpretive report, followed by Compatibility & Conflict for Friendship and Business in October 2002.