Pachisia, Neo Dip Psych Astrol; D.F Astrol.S; EFT Practitioner

Neo PachisiaPachisia, Neo Dip
Psych Astrol; D.F Astrol.S; EFT Practitioner
Brighton, UK
Landline (44) 1273 727164

Although I’m known as an Astrologer or EFT practitioner and who knows what else, in essence, I am a healer. I began studying astrology in 1995 in New York in what had to be a North Node moment. Inexplicably enough, although born and raised in India I’d had no interest in learning Vedic astrology!

My husband and I moved to England where I got Diplomas from the Centre of Psychological Astrology, with Excellence and the Faculty of Astrological Studies, with Honors. I believe I am one of two people in the world to have Both the Diplomas.

But soon I realised that although Astrology brought understanding and therefore relief, it didn’t help release emotional and physical blockages and felt incomplete as a healing tool. So I studied and Certified in Shamanism, Energy Therapies, Hypnotherapy etc.

While in England I lectured in various places including at the Astro Lodge in London. I did radio shows including one in which I was pitted against a rather radical Christian who thought I was doing the devil’s work 🙂

In India I’ve been conducting workshops on EFT, shamanic healing and now I am planning to start an astrology school. Also in India I’ve had some amount of press coverage including a half hour profile on TV.

I have a private practice with clients based in four continents, now if only someone will call from the Antarctica.

I am passionate about my work and my goal is to help my clients heal but I also know that healing happens, ‘deo concedente’ (god willing). There is little as satisfying as what this young woman had to say about me last year.

“After being chronically ill for seven years of my young life, I had tried healers and alternative medicine practitioners all over the world at the recommendation of my doctor in the States. I have never had an experience like I did with Neo, even though I’d been to several other EFT sessions. I literally felt years of fear and anxiety drain out of me during our first session which I know has greatly encouraged my physical healing process. She helped me discover parts of myself that were impeding on my wellness. It all felt so natural. Neo is a bright light in this world and meeting her has changed my life infinitely.”
Amy Scher, Writer, USA