Padmakshaa, Achrya

Padmakshaa, Achrya

Jyotish Acharya Padmakshaa, a well-known astrologer, is much sought after by the rich, famous and mighty from all over the world to know their future. He is a man with varied interests and qualifications. Acharya Padmakshaa has remained a brilliant student through out his academic career. Voracious reading habits of Acharyashree led him to acquire many prestigious degrees later on. Apart from his qualifications in the field of Engineering and finance, he acquired masters in Astrology . He is one of the most qualified astrologers of India.

My objective is to guide people through improved understanding and a positive attitude to making choices in life through this divine science. As per Indian philosophy, Astrology is one of the six limbs of the Vedas and is often referred as eyes of Vedas when a Veda is personified as a living being. Jyotish is the jyotir Vidya (the Lore of Light), a vidya that can be had only from Jyotishis, because Jyotish is the study of all facets of the ‘ lords of light’: the Sun, Moon, planets and stars. If Vedas are infallible, astrology is infallible too.

A gold medalist in astrology by Indian Astrological Society and known for his prowess in research and writings on the issue of astrology, Acharya Padmakshaa interprets birth charts in a very scientific manner. His areas of specialization are Political astrology, Financial astrology, Marriage, Muhurtha, Education, Vastu etc. As a devotee of Lord Sun, Acharya shree gave many political predictions correct.

He has contributed many articles on astrology in National dailies and Astrological Magazines. He started practicing astrology from 1990 onwards and till date he has seen thousands of horoscopes averaging 2 per day. In his 16 years of experience, he has gained lot of insight into giving predictions to people of varied backgrounds. Before any advice is given, it is important to know the country, the family background and time frame.

He invites you all to make the most of his experience and academic knowledge to improve the quality of your life tremendously. What is his his advice to consultors who go to astrologers? He says that everyone should try to learn primer of astrology. Do not get involved in discussion with astrologers who have two or three malefics in kendras in their birth chart, without benefic association or kendras void of benefics or benefic influences.