Page, James Lynn

James PagePage, James Lynn
Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

James Lynn Page is a professional astrologer, Tarot consultant and author who received the Faculty of Astrological Studies’ Certificate in 1984. His first book, Jungian Birth Charts, was published by Aquarian Press in 1988 under the pseudonym Arthur Dione, for Horoscope magazine, “one of the better popular astrology books to see print in this decade.” Page’s book, Everyday Tarot, was published by Foulsham in 2003, and every year he co-authors the best selling annual Old Moore’s Almanac. A guest blogger on the popular culture site, the political astrology site Stars Over Washington, and a regular columnist for the occult quarterly Diamond Fire and Infinity Astrological Magazines, his own website is Astrology, Magic and the Conscious Universe ( His 2019 book, available on Amazon, is How Astrology Works – A Professional Astrologer Speaks Out! (which Melanie Reinhart found to be ‘written incredibly well’ and ‘marvellous’, and Alan Oken thought ‘enlightening’).

Page has also written several Mind, Body, Spirit titles for Foulsham and published three of his own books: The Christ Enigma (2012), You and the Conscious Universe (2017) and the aforementioned How Astrology Works. He lives and works in the rural North of England with his partner and their two cats, performing birth charts and Tarot readings for clients whilst continuing his writing career. Occasionally, he still attends his local astrology group (which he joined many moons ago as a student). Plus, his video interviews (for Foulsham) with the cream of the astrological community – from Jonathan Cainer to Melanie Reinhart – can be found on YouTube.’