Page of Cups Tarot Card Reading

The Page of Cups tarot card description signifies possibilities – creative and heartfelt, inner child, with an emphasis on intuition, curiosity, openness and potential. In its reversed position, it may signify new ideas as well, but can also indicate there are blocks to intuition and creativity as well as aspects of emotional immaturity.


Different tarot decks will portray this card in various ways. Often the page is depicted as a young person – either male or female – staring dreamily into a full golden cup held in one hand. One of the most widely used decks is the Rider Waite deck, and in this version, the Page is a young man on the cusp of adolescence. He wears a blue tunic, the color signifying both a surface-level stillness along with underlying depth. Behind him is the ocean, with gentle waves. A fish is looking at him from within the cup in his hand. Is this a real fish, or one that he imagines?

All of the main elements represent the best aspects of water – the beauty and tranquility, the potential for chaos, which is also a sign of creativity, and a certain gentleness. There is nothing martial about this page, or hurried. He seems content to gaze at the fish, which signifies creative inspiration as it is both unexpected and at first seems out of place.

Page of Cups Upright

This is the Page of Cups which represents inner child.

Page of Cups Tarot Card Meanings (Upright): When the page of cups appears in a tarot reading, it often indicates that a new idea or opportunity will unexpectedly appear before you. If it was drawn as the indicator for the querent, it indicates the person is a kind and gentle soul, more in-tune with the heart than the head just like the King of Cups.

In a tarot reading, if you draw the upright Page of Cups, it may indicate that you will feel more creative. You will be energized by new thoughts and ideas. Not all of them will seem practical. Will you follow your heart or turn away from the possibilities presented? It makes sense to look at the new idea carefully before you make a decision. Since this is in the suite of cups, the best path is probably the one of the heart. It’s time to listen to your feelings and intuition before you make a decision.

The appearance of the upright Page of Cups signifies that It is critical for you to have an open mind when this card occurs. What is the equivalent in your life of a fish appearing in a cup? Maybe this is a dream you envision in the morning over a cup of coffee, while you are still not quite awake and can therefore more easily see your dreams come to life.

Are you naturally curious? Creative? Intuitive? Even if you are not, this Page of Cups tells you this influence is now an important one. It is calling on you to approach your life with a curious and open mind. You may be pleasantly surprised.

The upright Page of Cups is also associated with your inner child. There is a sweetness, innocence, and openness to this card and similar tarot cards that we naturally associated with children like the Six of Cups. Just make sure if you embrace this part of yourself that you take on childlike and not childish traits! Like a child, you can believe that anything is possible when you see this card in your spread.

How will this manifest in your life? Probably it will be tied to something creative endeavours that helps you grow emotionally. For example, if you are an artist, you may find new inspiration or be introduced to new forms. You may start to develop psychic abilities. And by psychic abilities, this could refer to increase intuition, or maybe you’ll be more inclined to be emotionally expressive and open.

When you see this tarot card, also look for signs from nature or unusual synchronicities that magically seem to appear in your life. Even if these events don’t seem to make sense to your rational mind, if you look at them with the eyes of your heart, you will feel a sense of peace. You can follow your intuition as it guides you along a path that will lead to fulfillment and joy.

In addition to these interpretations, there is also a possibility that the Page of Cups is revealing an unexpected message, visitor, or other types of surprise. While you may feel startled, it will be something good. It may be as small as getting a rebate or as large as getting a proposal or expecting a child. Whatever the case, relax as you won’t be able to anticipate it, but it will be something pleasant.

Career – Upright

The Page of Cups in a career reading may indicate you should focus on a creative field such as fashion, marketing, or music. If this appears in your reading, it may indicate you would be wise to have a business manager as you may not be the most practical person, though your creativity and winning personality will take you far.

Love – Upright

An upright Page of Cups in a love reading could represent a potential partner. Is there someone in your life who is kind, gentle, intuitive, and creative? The card could also indicate you’ll have a pleasant romantic surprise. If you have been hurt in love, the Page of Cups tarot card may indicate a turning point.

Money – Upright

In a reading focused on money matters, the Page of Cups can signify good financial news it can also be a warning that you need to be more practical. Now is not the time to invest in a meme coin, for example, or to buy lottery tickets. When this card shows, it suggests that you need to put the work in. Right now you are just at the beginning.

Page of Cups Reversed

Page of Cups Tarot Card Meanings (Reversed): In its reversed position, the Page of Cups indicates that you are keeping your creativity, ideas, and inspirations under wraps. Maybe you are concerned that people will not approve or that they might steal your thunder. Or you have doubts about the viability of your ideas.

In some cases, keeping things quiet may be prudent. Maybe you need to develop your ideas to a more advanced stage before you can safely move ahead and share them with the world. However, this may also be an excuse because you are allowing your fears full rein.

In some sense, the Page of Cups reversed also has both aspects of creativity and also doubts and fears. Unlike other similar cards, the Page of Cups reversed stands in the sunlight. He is naturally optimistic. When you have a reversed Page of Cups in your spread, you can ask yourself how you would use your natural positive creative energy to counteract any negative emotions you have.

Ask yourself what is the worst that can happen if you decide to pursue a project you are unsure about, or decide to accept a date when you are feeling unattractive. What is holding you back from pursuing what you want? What is the cost if you pursue your desires vs. the cost of not doing so?

It’s time to listen to your intuition and follow your heart. Of course, this could lead you to reject the new opportunity!

Other potential interpretations of the key meanings of the reversed Page of Cups include having a creative block, not listening to your inner voice or feeling listless, or being self-indulgent. It could indicate emotional immaturity. While none of these are pleasant, they can be dealt with.

Love – Reversed

When the Page of Cups reversed shows up, it could indicate that there is someone in your life who is a little awkward, shy, and perhaps clueless when it comes to matters of the heart. With kindness on your part, though, they could open up. Be watchful, though, for signs of emotional immaturity.

Career – Reversed

If the reversed Page of Cups shows up in a career spread, then it may warn you to watch your emotions at work. It’s not necessary to share everything you feel. If you are in a creative field, then this could indicate that you feel stifled. The answer to that is patience. Don’t be hard on yourself and trust that things will turn around.

Money – Reversed

The reversed Page of Cups interpretation is similar when the card is upright – you need to watch yourself and not give in to your fantasies. Now is not the time to gamble or partake in any risky investments. Having your emotions under control is important now so that you don’t make a good situation bad or a bad situation worse.