Page of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

The Page of Swords is a Tarot card that contains many layers of symbolism. The first, most basic symbol is the sword. What does it mean?

The sword is a symbol for strife, conflict, and possibly pain. It was the chief instrument for battle in the Middle Ages, yet it also signifies a tool for cutting to the source of various matters as well as for overcoming challenges in life. It can also mean quickness or sharpness or mind, as well as a keen intellect. Finally, it is also the main element by which to profess arms and address wrongdoings.

Likewise, the page is young person, who is often lithe and of quick temperament, and who serves as a messenger between two parties. In medieval times, pages were young boys in the first stages of training for knighthood who served as on-call attendants to knights. The Rider-Waite image of the Page of Swords shows a young man holding a sword while pivoting his body; however, his face is turned in the opposite directions. A strong wind is blowing against his face; there are several clouds in the background, and he is standing upon a verdant rock. The message of this Minor Arcana card is to hold fast and to maintain a keen intellect at the start of any new venture.

General Meanings and Interpretations (Upright)

General upright meanings for this card include someone who is exceptionally good at communication and relaying messages, particularly in the face of nature-born obstacles. It indicates someone who is also very talkative, full of ideas, as well as eager to start new projects. People who are connected to this card thrive on a nervous energy and are very quick-witted. This person also has very good communications skills, is a lover of debate, and is very often full of ideas they are willing to share.

Career (Upright)

Traditionally, the Page of Swords signifies a youth who is ambitious yet is also fighting some type of conflict or obstacle. If this person is a messenger, it means that they are taking on an important role in their career path. If you are feeling overwhelmed, this card shows that you should maintain your sense of calm as well as keep a keen intellect. Often, we are forced into new roles that seem, at first, to be over our head. This card also shows that you are very eager to start a new project, but that you might first need some extra education or that you might need to counsel first with some more experienced people. You might also soon be starting a new apprenticeship or learning a new trade.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

In terms of your love life, the Page of Swords indicates a person who wants a more intellectual relationship but is lacking in emotional intimacy. You should use your communication skills to connect with your partners and to make sure that his or her emotional needs are being met. You should also be careful that petty disputes or conflicts do not get blown up and affect the emotional intimacy with your partner.

Money (Upright)

In financial matters, it means that you may have new, inspiring ideas for creating wealth, but you should also exercise a degree of patience. Your new projects are most likely in the earliest stages, and you need more knowledge in order to better understand the complex world of investments. Try also, if possible, to seek the counsel of more experienced, knowledgeable people.

Health (Upright)

In terms of health, it could mean you are healing from a past injury with a good frame of mind. It can also symbolize renewed mental clarity.

The Page of Swords portrays someone who is youthful and tremendously gifted yet is also facing lofty obstacles. It also shows a person whose gift with language allows him or her to be an important communicator. The key to success is knowing how to use this gift, that of an agile intellect and good communications skills, to get through any serious challenges. He or she best knows how to thrive off of nervous energy, is very talkative, and is also full of ideas.

General Meanings and Interpretations (Reversed)

The meaning of the Page of Swords reversed is disappointing news, or a lack of ideas or inspiration. It can also symbolize someone who is sarcastic, manipulative, or deceptive in their communications. A person associated with this card will be often lacking in communication skills or will be keeping information to themselves. The appearance of this card in a spread could be a warning to improve your communication with those around you. You may possess good logical or analytical skills but are using your intellect for the wrong purposes. You should also avoid starting any false rumors or malicious gossip.

Career (Reversed)

The darker connotations of the sword indicate that a natural ability to use language can also be turned into a formidable weapon. A person who adroitly starts false rumors and idle gossip can be very dangerous. The Page of Swords also indicates someone who is possibly scatter-minded and is lacking any definite career direction. You may be moving from one job to another, without being able to make any long-term commitments. You should realize that a long-term plan is often vital to success in the workplace. You should also try to be more focused in the activities of your daily job. Avoid gossiping or starting false rumors with those you work with.

Love And Relationships (Reversed)

In your relationships, this can mean that you or your partner had extra mental or emotional baggage from the past that is adversely affecting your love life. Do you feel you have to play mind games to avoid any real connection with your partner? Often times, people will say certain things they can’t take back in order to avoid real intimacy. The Page of Swords also indicates someone who must always be right but often at the expense of their partner’s feelings. Arguing too much can also create an aura of disassociation or paranoia. If you want your relationship to prosper, try to be more tolerant and realize that often both viewpoints in any discussion must be heard.

Money (Reversed)

Finally, in financial matters this can mean that you are getting overwhelmed with money issues or have bad habits that inhibit wealth creation. Your thoughts may also be scattered, and you have a hard time committing to a financial decision. You may also be shortly receiving financial news that is not to your liking.

Health (Reversed)

In areas of heath, you may have mental issues that are creating a fog in your mind. Your exercise regiment could also require more patience.


The Conclusion of the Card’s Meaning

The Page of Swords is a Minor Arcana Tarot Card that signifies that you have good communications skills and are embarking on a promising future. When facing all this, however, be wary of any immediate obstacles. Avoid petty gossip, manipulation, and deception when talking to people. Good luck in all your future endeavors!!!