Page of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The Page of Wands depicts a free spirit young man holding a long stick with both hands. His spirit is made of a salamander-like pattern, a symbol of a change from bad to good. The young man is a passionate advocator who is determined to spread spiritual and social transformative ideas to empower his fellow men.

Behind him, there is barren land surrounded by mountains. It shows the young man has the potential to grow in the most unusual places. He is also encouraged by the idea that he is not limited by circumstance and can make the impossible happen. But his ideas are hypothetical in nature. It is upon him to decide whether to undertake the journey or not.

Page of Wands Upright

One of the tarot card meanings of the Page of Wands is a man on a spiritual path.

Page of Wands Tarot Card Meanings (Upright): The Page of Wands description shows a young person with a lot of excitement and curiosity about the world and bearer of exciting news. He already knows what he is supposed to do, he also has passion but his ideas remain theoretical because of his inexperience and fear.

He has been presented with new worlds to explore, great opportunities and a visual image of what it will take him to succeed. But will all these before him, he is still undecided and easily gets distracted with one or another idea. He has to learn how to control himself lest he squanders the opportunity for himself.

If you get the Page of Wands, then it means there’s something unique about you, something that ignites you to discover, indulge in investment or move your life to the next level. You could be just close to making a step but there are conflicting messages that often come to your mind to distract and discourage you. This tarot card symbolizes the inner struggles that are preventing you from demonstrating your heroism to the world, to giving the world a reason for your existence.

If you are keen enough, this tarot card normally triggers courage on your spiritual path. It should be able to give you the strength to overcome the negative voices that constantly keep you from rising and reclaiming your true position in life.

Love & Relationships – Upright

The Page of Wands minor arcana card represents an indication that the world is filled with infinite possibilities for you. If you are still single, you will find yourself meeting new people and exploring new realms as far as love and romance are concerned. You are also likely to meet someone who embodies this page in your search.

As an individual, the Page of Wands reversed depicts someone who is adventurous, lovey and falls in love easily. But the problem is that they also get bored quickly. It may be difficult to establish a long-term relationship with such a person because of their desire to experience new things always.

Career – Upright

In a career-tarot reading, the page of wands symbolizes new ventures. The card may be showing that you are almost getting into a new position or taking up a new project. Either way, the card is a good sign as far as your career is concerned.

It is an indication that success and fulfillment will follow you in all your endeavors. When this tarot card appears, it is the best time to challenge yourself by exploring new opportunities. The page depicts eagerness to take on challenges but not necessarily ready to confront them.

Finances – Upright

The page of wands is a sign that you are going to get the money sooner than you can imagine. The unexpected finances will come in different forms. You may receive money as a gift or an unexpected bonus from your workplace.

Although you may decide to spoil yourself with such kind of money, consider saving for the future. Your financial situation may worsen all of a sudden and you will be grateful that you took caution. While doing that, you should be careful with the page of wands because he is sometimes forgetful. Do not rush into expenditures that are outside your budget.

Page of Wands Reserved

The key meanings of this card reversed is limiting beliefs in everyday life and lacking ideas.

Page of Wands Tarot Card Meanings (Reversed): The Page of Wands reversed minor arcana card appears to stress more on the negative features of the upright version. He often pops up when your mind is full of great and new ideas and you are not able to take action because of the negative energy.

Maybe you have begun a project that is expected to take you to a new level but you always end up not doing anything concrete. Painful as it may be, the tarot card could be telling you that it is time to try something else.

Love – Reversed

The Page of Wands reversed suggests that you are with someone who is not committal in case you are single. This could be a person who hasn’t figured out what they want with their life and is still wandering up and down. Their outgoing personality can easily get them into trouble.

The card also represents a period in your life when you don’t have a clear direction. You should probably take some time to reflect on what you really want in life.

Career – Reversed

When the Page of Wands reversed appears, it means that there could be a disconnection between your current career and what you are meant to be. The disconnection may be a result of many things. It might be you know where you are supposed to be but you lack the courage to leave your current job and find what truly satisfies you.

Finances – Reversed

The Page of Wands reversed may be a sign of financial instability. The instability could be a result of a lack of proper planning. You might have been financially stable in the past but failed to grow and protect your wealth.

The Page of Wands reversed should be a reminder to you that fortunes have a tendency of changing, whether good or bad. You should remember this low moment the next time you get money. Don’t allow temporary pleasures and impulses to overshadow your rational judgment. But at the moment, all you can do is work harder as you learn from your mistakes. You should not allow the temporary financial challenges to prevent you from attaining your objectives in life.