Palmer, David

David PalmerPalmer, David
Los Angeles, CA
C: 714-362-5973
O: 818-473-5830

Getting an astrology reading with David Palmer will open a magical doorway into your destiny. Do you need guidance with love, work, $$$? How about all the answers to the every question you have ever had? What is the universe have in store for you? What is your calling?

David has given astrology readings to all types of people. From the rich and famous, to the people that have deep issues they need to overcome. David brings a positive and youthful attitude to the reading.

David offers multiple readings, as an astrologer, David is at the forefront of bringing the message of the stars to all people and “turning the light on” in as many lives as he can reach.

David has developed an ideal which he defines as “Inclusive Astrology” and a personal astrology reading called, “Target Astrology”. Inclusive Astrology is the process of creating a collective energy and consciousness to unite the world together in a message only the stars can write. Target Astrology is a pin point, precise reading that unveils the aim and focus on a specific area
in your life.