Pisces Zodiac Sign: Compatibility, Dates, Traits & More

In the modern astrological zodiac, Pisces, a mutable water sign, is the final sun sign in the zodiac. It represents one of the four key elements that ancient peoples believed were the foundation of life on Earth.

Astrological symbol shows Pisces rules over spiritual relm as a mutable sign showing two fish swimming going opposite directions.

When a person is born between February 19 and March 20, they’re said to be a Pisces or Piscean because historically the Sun passed through the celestial constellation of the same name in the night’s sky during this time. Pisceans astrological symbol is represented by two fish swimming and chasing each other’s tails or two fish swimming together in opposite directions.

Read on to learn more about this fantastic zodiac sign and how it impacts the lives of people born under its influence:


Ancient peoples looked to the skies for guidance. They believed that the celestial sphere, which includes the stars and planets, had an impact on their personalities, skills, traits, and fates. When they looked into the skies at a particular distribution of stars, they imagined they could see two fish in opposite directions.

In ancient mythologies, including Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman, fish played a significant part in the stories of gods. In Greece, Aphrodite and her son Eros turned themselves into fish or asked for the assistance of fish to flee danger. In one story, Aphrodite only existed because an egg containing her fell into a river and fish pushed it to shore where it could hatch.

In the Christian faith, the son of God, Jesus Christ, fed thousands of people even though he only had two fish and five loaves of bread on hand. There are historic claims that he was born a Piscean. Some historians also believe that a fish symbol was used by Christians to recognize practitioners of their faith during times of persecution. Today, many Christians use fish symbolism to represent Christ and their faith.

The Earth’s tilt has changed enough over time along with the locations of astronomical bodies that the Sun now passes more through the Aquarius constellation during historic Piscean dates. Most modern astrology users continue to recognize these dates for Pisces because they associate the last more than two thousand years, which also began in part with the birth of Jesus and the start of monotheism, with an Age of Pisces that is currently transitioning into an Age of Aquarius.

Traits & Strengths

Pisces is the final sun sign in the zodiac and is considered a mutable zodiac sign. The Pisces dates fall at the conclusion of winter when seasonal changes happen. Pisceans are based on water and fish, which means that they navigate change as well as fish navigate different waters.

As a water sign, they are also as fluid and changeable as the flow of water, which means that they don’t stay in a fixed mode of thought or action. These watery Pisces personality traits make them exceptional at accepting change and adapting to whatever happens in life. They can also understand other people’s lives well and provide sound advice about how others can adapt and better their lives when faced with change.

Watery Pisces is a mutable sign currently ruled by the planet Neptune and is the final sign of the zodiac. In Roman mythology, Neptune was a sea god. In ancient times, Pisceans were ruled by Jupiter, the brother of Neptune who was a sky god and ruler. Neptune brings traits of the seemingly endless ocean, horizon, and joining of the ocean and sky, such as creativity, dreaming, magic and mystery, to the life of Pisceans. Some Pisceans ruled by Jupiter also connect with belief systems or spiritualism, empathy, emotional understanding, and generosity.

As a result, the Pisces water sign are usually imaginative and highly creative. Their imagination combined with heightened emotional understanding and expressiveness makes them capable of extreme empathy, kindness, compassion, and openness toward everyone. Some Pisceans experience empathy and intuition to the point of appearing psychic or with such high sensitivity that they have true clairvoyant or prophetic talent. Pisces rules the spirt and might spend a lot of time in contemplation about the spirit and often have faith in another life beyond this one.

Lastly, their position at the final sign of the zodiac means that they are potentially wiser than many people because they learned the lessons of all of the other zodiac signs that came before them.


Since Pisceans are associated with the positive traits of mutability and water, they’re also associated with the negative ones. They often have difficulty maintaining stability and staying focused on any one thing at a time. They’re incredibly trusting at times and more open to sudden recommendations by others and changing plans out of the blue without thinking things through. They’re also prone to making impulsive decisions.

Given that they’re ruled by Neptune and possibly Jupiter, Pisceans can be too generous. They often attempt to please others without thinking about the impact that their actions can have on their own lives. They can also become trapped by their own emotions, imaginations and sensitivity. They can become deeply saddened and even depressed. They can fail to recognize the truth of a situation because their interpretation might not match reality or believe that they’re a victim of someone else. They can become distracted by their creative goals and lose touch with real-world responsibilities and events taking place around them. When this occurs, they can have difficulty remembering to do what is necessary to stay grounded and maintain their material needs.

Neptune’s influence especially can make some Pisceans seek escapism and magical thinking when overwhelmed by emotion. They might trust only astrology, tarot or other mystical arts or religious beliefs for answers or the advice given by people from mystical or religious backgrounds even when faced with decisions and obstacles that simply require hard work and non-mystical, practical solutions. When this happens, they might take an overly positive standpoint and foolishly or delusionally believe everything will just work out because the universe or a god is protecting them.


Pisceans, as can become overly emotional and lose focus in relationships, which means that they need people who can put up with their sudden bouts of emotional extremes and their forgetfulness and last-minute plan changes.

Anyone who can handle these Piscean personality traits will have a loyal and dedicated person in their life, whether a family member, friend, lover, coworker, or teammate, who can provide them with active listening, care and concern, emotional support, and all types of advice.

They don’t mind if someone rules the relationship as long as they’re loved and appreciated in it. That said, they’re vulnerable to people who might want to take advantage of or manipulate them.

Pisceans loathe being criticized or dealing with know-it-all personalities. They really don’t like to be around anyone who is mean or who has brought up something from their past in a conversation or an argument.

They also need to remind themselves not to dwell on past hurts because emotions tied to failed relationships can prevent the formation of new ones or destroy eventual ties. These things said, Pisceans are great people to have a relationship with for a variety of reasons.

Although their personality traits suggests they like being alone with their imaginations, they are incredibly friendly and generous with other people. They enjoy variety and they’re well-known for diverse social circles.

Given their ability to adapt, Pisceans are open to learning and accepting all types of interests and hobbies in their lives if it means that they can deepen their relationships. They mostly desire deep feelings and connections that go beyond material concerns. They need to know that whoever is in their life shares both emotional and transcendent ties with them.


Anyone might fall in love with a Piscean and a Piscean might do the same. Yet, some people born under the influence of certain signs do much better on average with a Piscean than others.

Most Pisceans dreamers desire one long-lasting love, but they’re also more than willing to have intimate short-term relations and even long-term relationships with multiple people. They’re usually highly emotional, passionate, and romantic individuals. As with other relationships, they typically behave gently, loyally, and openly. They seek the same from one or more partners in life in addition to interest in their interests. Their ability to adapt or change fluidly and freely experiment means that they can act rough or wildly inside and outside of the bedroom as well, depending on the type of relationship their partner desires with them.

Pisceans are usually incompatible with Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra air signs and Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius fire signs. These signs simply don’t mix because of their competing or contrasting natures. For example, fire sun sign individuals often don’t have the patience to deal with Piscean’s emotional outbursts and sometimes speak so bluntly that they upset a Piscean without meaning to cause harm. Their ram-like assertiveness also makes them sometimes accidentally take over the relationship. Air signs might have more interests in common with Piscean, but they like to feel expansive and uncontained. Pisceans need a lot of affection and interaction, which can feel suffocating to air signs people.

When it comes to Pisces compatibility, Pisceans do best with people who are similar to them, such as people under the influence of Cancer and Scorpio water signs. Since they also like stable, practical people who can help them stay in the moment and the real world, they do well with Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo earth signs.


Any type of career that requires fewer emotions, constant focus, or practicality is difficult and unfulfilling for Pisceans. They do best in creative, charitable, spiritual, and teaching roles that allow them to express their emotions and imagination or offer active listening and help to those who need to find solutions to their problems. Since Neptune rules them, some Pisceans do extremely well in music roles. Their status as water signs also makes them usually inclined to do well in water-related careers.

Pisceans have a mixed relationship with their finances. Most Pisceans know that they need money to achieve their goals, but their generosity coupled with their tendency to forget about materialism means that they might not emphasize improving their wealth enough. They might spend too much of their savings to help others. These tendencies mean that they not only need a steady primary income but also typically a passive secondary income and help from another person to manage their finances.

Top career matches include:

  • Actor/Actress
  • Artist
  • Bar Owner or Bartender
  • Boat Captain
  • Charity Worker
  • Carergiver
  • Comedian
  • Counselor
  • Dancer
  • Detective
  • Doctor
  • Fashion Designer
  • Gallery Owner
  • Healer
  • Musician
  • Nurse
  • Palm Reader
  • Photographer
  • Priests or Priestesses
  • Psychic
  • Religious Leader
  • Sailor
  • Salesperson
  • Singer
  • Social Worker
  • Swimming Instructor
  • Teacher
  • Veterinarian
  • Writer


The emotional understanding, flexibility, and generosity of Pisces water sign makes them highly attractive to other people. They can maintain lengthy relationships and careers as long as they focus on their positive traits and never allow their negative ones to distract them from goals or damage their savings.