Pond, David

David PondPond, David
Port Angeles, WA

David is a nationally recognized astrologer, writer, speaker and workshop leader. He has been a practicing professional astrologer since 1975 and has a Master of Science Degree in “Experimental Metaphysics” from Central Washington University. In this self-created course of study, David wove together studies in psychology, religious studies, philosophy, astrology, metaphysics, and the healing arts to research how astrology fits within other systems of understanding the human psyche. This academic work complements his life-long spiritual practice of meditation and yoga. David’s books include the recently published Chakras for Beginners. This award winning book has already been translated into five foreign languages in its first year of publication. His long awaited book, Astrology and Relationships is being published by Llewellyn and will be released in July 2001. David is also the co-author of The Metaphysical Handbook, with his sister Lucy. Currently, he is completing a book for Llewellyn called, Western Seeker, Eastern Paths, exploring the sacred teachings of Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism and Tantra. David’s wife of 26 years works with him maintaining the office of their family business. Together, they have raised four sons and maintained a full, active family life. This experience in the real life affairs of daily, family life has given David the background of knowing how these cosmic principles from astrology work out in everyday reality. In David’s words “I see the birth chart as a blue print of the soul’s intentions for this life. With this attitude, there are no good charts or bad charts, simply the right and perfect chart for what the soul needs as curriculum in this life. The chart shows the specific challenges that are to be faced in this life and the skills and talents available to meet these tests. My focus is to help clients accept what they have been given with their astrology, identify the talents and challenges the chart reveals, and then help create a strategy for expressing these issues in their lives in a healthy, constructive way.” David can be reached at the website above to inquire about his services, speaking engagements and calendar of upcoming trips.