Possenti, Paola Emma

Paola Emma PossentiPossenti, Paola Emma
Uki, NSW, Australia
(02) 66794037 and 0407359607

I have a diploma with the Federation of Australian Astrologers, and won three awards in 2007, including that year Gold Medal for excellence, when I decided to try the exams. I am principally a Counseling Astrologer, but I also love to write About astrology, particularly mundane topics. My real vocation though is teaching. I have run many workshops and courses through the years, for beginners and advanced students. I have also created astrological diaries and almanacs and I am a regular contributor, with an astrological column, to the village newsletter and I also write a centerfold astrological article for a quarterly called The Art of Healing, produced in Australia, but distributed in many other countries.

My full name is Paola Emma Possenti, but I am really better known locally as Paola Emma. I was born in Rome, Italy. I emigrated to Australia in 1982. I live with my partner Li and few pets in the beautiful Northern Rivers region of New South Wales and practice at the back of my little bookshop in the village of Uki. I am available for phone or Skype readings.