Praveen, Acharya

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Acharya PraveenPraveen, Acharya
New Delhi,India

Acharya Praveen Chauhan is one of the most sought after and self taught Astrologer and Palmist. He has a background in Computer Science engineering, and with a specialization in software testing. He specializes in original research, new ways of exploring Astrology and interpretations. He has always been a Seeker, and has read and collected many books on Metaphysics, Psychology, & the Ancient Wisdom.

He is a firm believer in the dictum “everything can be done & achieved”. Hence as a Spiritual Explorer, Astrologer and Intuitive Heart Healer, he helps one to discover, “How to Attract ” The One & The Desired” and to Heal Heart’ s Vows”. Praveen’s approach to Astrology is down-to-earth – yet he draws on spiritual and mystical traditions, new age innovations, and intuitive insights, to use Astrology as a tool for self-understanding and self-improvement.

Acharya Praveen firmly believes that the horoscope chart shows us our karmic curriculum, the times in our lives when life’s major lessons are ready to be presented for teaching or testing.Since childhood, Praveen has also started endeavouring in the unexplored terrain of Palmistry,Face Reading, Past Life Reading & Effective Tantra. The meaning of his life changed as he started demystifying things through logical reasoning provided to him by the combination of all the sciences and this process of demystification showed his soul a path which was finally merging with supernatural.