Queen of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

The queen of cups tarot card description depicts the picture of a beautiful woman seated upon a throne at the edge of the sea. She holds a golden cup with angelic-shaped handles. The cup is closed to indicate that the queen draws up her subconscious and hidden feelings that govern the emotional realm.

The throne is decorated with images of sea creatures such as fish, scallop shells, and sea nymphs. The sea lifeforms represent the unconscious mind which exists but cannot be seen. Water stands for emotions, spirit, and perception. Her atmosphere is enveloped with a blue sky—cloudless and bright and tranquil water. Her feet rest on the colorful pebbles of the sea, not touching the water. This represents that she is connected to her emotions, but they do not drive or overwhelm her.

This tarot card has two different sides, and one means an upright reading while the other is called a reversed reading. The upright and the reversed card have two distinct implications for one’s life.

The Upright Queen of Cups

The queen of cups represents psychic powers, trusted inner voice, inner feelings like other cup tarot cards.

Queen of Cups Tarot Card Meanings (Upright): The Queen of cups is caring, gentle, sensitive, nurturing, and compassionate similar to the Queen of Pentacles. When the Queen of cups shows up in a tarot reading it shows that motherly energies surround you. This is evident from the intents of your heart, helping others and caring for others deeply. Your traits are those of an emphatic person who likes to think about and sense the needs of others instead of your own needs.

You are a person who allows others to express their emotion in your space. You are a real person who bravely allows others to show their most authentic selves to you. In this aspect, you are well-grounded, you hold space for other people to express their emotions, but they do not overwhelm or drown you. You know where to put a boundary.

Love & Relationship – Upright

Due to your wise, kind, and supportive nature, you are likely to have many admirers. Your compassion makes it natural for others to have people coming to you. Those drawn to you naturally have ground to share their emotional baggage and have a shoulder to cry on. When this happens, it may mean that some may be clingy and highly dependent on you for your emotional well-being.

Make sure you do not develop a relationship with them and know where to draw boundaries. Always follow your intuition, and you will find your true love. Before finding your love, do not grow deep emotions with others.

Career – Upright

The Queen of Cups career tarot card meanings reflects your caring attitude and compassionate nature. When this card is drawn for you, it means that whatever you do should benefit you. This means that you should not just seek emotional support but also financial. In your workplace, this card shows your care for your colleagues.

The card may indicate that you are taking on a new role at work due to these traits. The Queen of Cups card also shows that your inner guidance and intuition benefit your career even as you work. This will cause your private projects and creative work to rank higher and emerge with high success.

Financial – Upright

This tarot card indicates that you may be using your finances to care for others. However, the Queen of Cups upright calls you to focus on a specific cause. You can support your family members or a friend in financial need. You are also reminded that the reason you support must be the one pointed out by your intuition. The card dictates that money is not everything. There are other things you should focus on and not just finances.

Spiritual – Upright

When this card appears, you are asked to pay attention to your intuition and always trust it. Also, do not neglect your feelings and emotions. Be a person led by the heart and not by the mind. Many times, you may receive intuitive messages through your dreams and visualization. When this happens, make sure to follow them

The Reversed Queen of Cups

This card can represent an overly sensitive person similar to other cup tarot cards.

Queen of Cups Tarot Card Meanings (Reversed): When you get the Queen of Cups reversed in a tarot reading, you need to draw more attention to your well-being than other people’s emotions. The card shows that you are great at caring for others, but you often neglect yourself or are feeling overly sensitive.

The reversed Queen of Cups is an indication that you are drained emotionally as you focus on supporting others. This card comes as a call to show yourself self-love, self-care, and codependency. It’s time to set firm boundaries with those you treasure and love and refuse to carry more emotional baggage.

However, this card does not mean that you must neglect other people’s emotions but instead show them their responsibility in their lives. Allow people to learn to live their lives and cope on their journey. This card has different implications for your life in the love, career, financial, health, and spiritual aspects.

Love & Relationship – Reversed

The Queen of Cups reversed suggests that you are paying more attention to your relationship and not to your partner. You are therefore called to show more love to your partner and cease the role of caregiver or supporter.

Make sure your love has a balance and correct the balance in case it shifts unfavorably. When this card is drawn, it may also mean that your emotional environment is changing. There could be a likelihood of an argument in your relationship. It is therefore essential to give heed to the relationship.

Career – Reversed

The Queen of Cups reversed shows that you are having emotional issues at work in your career which might reach a boiling point. Your project and environment may be draining you emotionally. This is due to unmet needs when you focus on the needs of others and neglect your needs. The queen of cups card shows your priority to satisfy your clients, boss, or colleagues while neglecting your happiness. You are now being called to pay attention to your satisfaction and nurse your emotional health for some time.

Financial – Reversed

The Queen of Cups reversed card in your financial situation shows that you should emphasize your well-being. Your emotional health is a key to financial security. If you may be a spendthrift in your life, it is time to get some retail therapy. While this measure is short-termed, it will help you address your emotional instability’s root cause. Do not overstretch yourself financially. Due to your loving and considerate nature, you may find yourself spending on the needs of others even when you are low on finances. It is time to take care of yourself.

Spiritual – Reversed

The Queen of Cups reversed in a tarot reading invites you to explore your innermost emotions and feelings. To understand what you desire and would like to possess most, you do this. You can do this alone with your diary and pen. Try to connect to your feeling no matter whether they are nature-positive or negative. After a period of listening, make sure to honor your feelings.

The Queen of cups card calls and shows your reflection on other people. It shows you to be a dependable person who is an anchor to other people. You may be available to teach and caution others using your intuition and not merely focusing on pursuing logic.

It shows that you think with your heart and not your mind. This shows that sometimes you may lack rationality, common sense, and logic. On the other hand, you are intuitive, psychic, and dreamy. This indicates that your analytical capabilities can solve problems that reason alone cannot solve.