Rao, C.S

C.S. RaoRao, C.S
M.A.,(Astrology) M.B.A.,LL.B.
Hyderabad, India

C.S.Rao is qualified in Astrology with M.A. (Astrology) degree from P.S.Telugu University, Hyderabad (India).
Honorary Titles :

aboutusDaivagna Siromani;
K.P.Sidhanta Siromani;
Jyotisha Visarada;
Jyotisha Bhaskara;
Jyotisha Acharya;
Jyotisha Vidya Bhushana;
Jyotisha Pandit;
Jyotisha Vidya Nipuna;
Jyotisha Sasthra Sarvana.
C.S.Rao is conversant with ; K.P.System; Ashtakavarg; Western system etc.,.
An Astrologer with 3 decades of experience in astro counseling in matters of health, wealth, marriage and marital life, career development, financial investment, stock market investment, horse racing etc.,
an Astrologer with a decade of experience in teaching. Engaged in teaching for beginners and advanced students of astrology
Famous for coaching for M.A., (Astrology) courses conducted by P.S.Telugu University,Hyderabad. And Osmania University Hyderabad

C.S.Rao mainly emphasize on using the astro readings for counseling for prosperity in present day life.