Ray, Indranil

Indranil RayRay, Indranil
Kolkata India

I am the Vedic Astrologer with full knowledge of Western Astrology Sayana and Nirayana System with many years experience in Chart Analysis using Parashara and other Jyotish techniques, specializing in current period analysis using various Dasa Systems. I have deep, precise analytical and predictive skills and provides very accurate predictions. I had trained in the accurate use of Ashtakvarga, Divisional Charts, Jaimini Karakas etc.I trained myself Transits very effectively to gauge and determine future life periodsunder the World Renowned Jyotish Guru’s .

The Best Astrologers are in fact advisers, healers . It takes great subtle and deep into one’s birth chart objectively and see clearly what is hidden from plain view. Spiritual power is also essential for Astrologers .

I am deeply Spiritual and has studied Metaphysics.