Rosano, Kelley

Kelley RosanoRosano, Kelley
Denver, CO

Kelley Rosano has been an astrological intuitive for over thirty-five years, She has interpreted the charts of thousands of people and currently holds a growing domestic and international clientele. Additionally, she serves as a personal and business coach, utilizing intuitive astrological skills combined with a specialized coaching technology to empower and strengthen individuals and groups in living authentically, living your True Self in relationships, work, finances, and life. And Never to “Settle.”

Knowing your lover’s natal astrology can prove incredibly helpful in determining if he or she can be in a healthy relationship with you. Love’s illusion can lead you blinded by the light of your own desire and not see the person for who they really are, what they are truly in your life to teach you, thus heartache follows. Have you two been together in a previous life? What roles have you played before with each other? Husband and wife, siblings, parent/child or best friends? Knowing the history can greatly help you in the present. What are the hurdles and bumps along the road of love for you? Can he or she give you what you need in partnership? Do you really know what you want in relationship? Above all else, we must have a commitment to Self and Creator in order to understand who we uniquely are; from this awareness and strong personal foundation, we are better able to enter into healthy relationships with friends, family, lovers, and colleagues. What are our soul agreements? Does s/he bring out your personal best? Does s/he challenge you to grow and evolve? Is s/he an authentic reflection of you? Or do you feel in your heart that “the one” for you is still out there? Moreover, I have seen countless times when two individuals can have fabulous, harmonious relationship astrology; but if they have not yet worked through their personal issues, (natal astrology) and if they are not complete with their past, hence, possessing too much emotional baggage this will interfere with the ability for healthy relationship now. As a result, he or she may not be available for union in the way you desire. There will always be challenges to every relationship, even if you are twin flames or soul mates. You may not have a soul agreement for a long term partnership. This is why situations do not always pleasantly line up between two people who love each other. The relationship astrology is a powerful tool for you to understand how your relationship works on the most dynamic, intimate levels of body, mind, spirit, heart, and soul. In truth, no relationship is a mistake, but not all relationships are destined to be long-term happy liaisons. What love, career, living, financial, and spiritual opportunities are on the horizon for you?
Will you be ready?

Kelley is a business expert who brings over twenty-five years of business mastery in her thriving practice in which her clients include CEO’s, entrepreneurs, business owners, therapists, doctors, financial planners, managers, executives, sales-representatives, artists, writers, lawyers, musicians, and numerous other professional backgrounds; public traded corporations, business, government, and nonprofit organizations. The use of astrology in the business world may eventually become commonplace. Business people are always looking for ways to increase efficiently and profits. How would it help your business if you knew future economic conditions? When is the best time to expand or contract your business months and years ahead of time? What about the best time to launch new products or services to maximize your profits? Or what about when not to make or implement major business decisions? You can successfully use business astrology for the timing of meetings, incorporating your business, and partnering with key individuals. Timing is everything! Astrology is modern because today’s computer-assisted astrologers bring a major innovation to our high-tech global economy. For the executive who has pondered his company’s “unexplainable” ups and downs of fortune, astrology opens new insights, new potentials. Business astrology’s amazing Synchronicity’s, showing how planetary cycles and angles can be read to help a company plan strategy, time the launching of new projects, weather difficult periods, hire new people, combine personnel for maximum performance, and more.

Timing is everything! Astrology is very helpful for the timing of events. This is called Horary (hourly astrology) and Electional astrology. A chart is created at the moment of the question. Is this the property for me? When should I start my business? Will my new product or service be successful? When will my finances improve? When will I be in a relationship? Will I relocate? When will I change jobs? Astrology can answer these and many other important questions! Why not let the universe provide you and your life with informed decision making?

God gave us the gift of astrology, to comfort, clarify, and strategize our choices. We can ride the wave of our life cycles and reach our fullest power. You were intended to have it all! Today, you do not have to be rich or powerful to use your astrology, it is made available by Creator to you for your grace, comfort, advantage, prosperity, power, happiness and health. What work, love, living, financial, and spiritual opportunities are on the horizon for you? Will you be ready?