Saunders, Paul

Paul SaundersSaunders, Paul
Staines upon Thames
+44) 7738 382052
Twitter – @solarisastro
Skype – “solarisastro”

I am a professional Astrologer based in the UK (in the west of London) who has been studying the subject for around 20 years. I am more of a predictive and mundane Astrologer than anything else although I do tradional Astrology looking at natal charts. I write reports (transits and progressions) and monthy predicitions, look at relationships and also I focus on the fixed stars too, one of my specialities which few Astrologers concentrate on. I can be contacted on Skype and this is one way that I connect with clients around the world. I also have an “Ask the Astrologer” option on my website which has proven popular where clients can ask me anything about their life or a situation and I will reply with my answer.