Schwimmer, Larry

Larry SchwimmerSchwimmer, Larry
San Francisco, CA
(415) 999-5888
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Three Things Make Larry Unique…The practical way he uses Astrology to help his clients make “real world” decisions (i.e., nothing “airy-fairy” about the specifics he gives you). His unique blend of business, professional and counseling experience to really know what he’s talking about when he advises you. He knows how to motivate you to make the “right choice” as your Life Coach!

Astrology Experience……Thirty-five years of experience as a practicing Astrologer. Larry created and analyzed more than 3,000 Astrology charts, including natal, transit, progression, electional, horary, synastry, and composite charts. He has advised clients on issues such as finding a mate, relationship compatibility, marriage, divorce, career advancement, finding a job, investing money, buying or selling a home, and choosing business partners.

Resume and Career Highlights……Before he was 30 he built his own multi-million dollar food company in Chicago, IL. He has had 25,000 business and professional people attend his self-improvement seminars on Risk-Taking and Managing Conflict on the Job. He was the former senior executive with the financial services divisions of Smith Barney and H&R Block. He has consulted with 5,000 business owners and has been personally involved in the sale of 132 companies. Larry is the Best-Selling Author of such books as How To Ask for a Raise Without Getting Fired and Winning Your Next Promotion in One Year (Or Less)! (Harper Collins). He produced, wrote and hosted TV/Video program entitled Winning FACE TO FACE – The Art of Resolving Conflicts in the Workplace, distributed and shown on Public Television.

Larry was the Women’s Rights advocate in the Work Place through his national lectures and seminars: Women on the Fast Track and How to Fight Sexual Harassment in the Workplace.

He has taught his courses on Managing Conflict and Risk-Taking as an instructor at the City Colleges of Chicago and Northwestern University.

Larry is a respected business and “life coach” consultant having appeared on the Today Show, and major media such as U.S. News & World Report, Time, and The Washington Post.

Education…..He holds a Bachelors in Marketing from Northern Illinois University where he also did his M.B.A. graduate studies. He has also completed NASD licenses, including the Series 7 and 63. Larry attended the Adlerian School of Therapy in Chicago, IL. He has completed post-graduate courses towards his Masters in Social Work. His Real Estate License was completed in Chicago, IL.