Scorpio Zodiac Sign: Compatibility, Dates, Traits & More

In astrology, the eighth astrological zodiac sign is Scorpio. It originates in the astronomical constellation Scorpius. Since many astrological signs are represented by animals, the constellation and sign are a venomous arachnid, a scorpion, that has eight legs, pincers, segmented tails and stings. People born when the Sun passes through this constellation from October 23 to November 21 are described as having a Scorpio or scorpion’s nature.

If you’re a Scorpio searching for more information about your sign or merely someone interested in learning more about Scorpios, look no further. This guide covers the basics and much more…

Scorpio History

Before you can understand the Scorpio sign, you need to learn a bit about its history and how that history impacts the traits associated with Scorpios. In ancient mythologies in several countries, the constellation had associations with gods and monsters. The Babylonians referred to it as Scorpion after the animal of the same name and the trait of a dangerous sting. Another zodiac sign, Libra, was treated by the Babylonians and Greeks as an extension of the constellation and represented a scorpion’s pincers.

The Greeks associated the giant and hunter, Orion, with the scorpion. In one of their myths, Orion claimed he would kill all the animals of the world. The goddess Artemis along with either her mother, Leto, or her brother, Apollo, tried to stop Orion with the sting of a scorpion. Zeus intervened and placed both Orion and the scorpion, Scorpio, in the sky as constellations. Some ancient peoples also believed that the planet and god Mars (Aries) ruled Scorpio and had influence over it. Modern astrologers believe that either Mars or Pluto (Hades) rules it.

Scorpio Strengths

Scorpio is a fixed, water sign often associated with stability, a desire to stay at home instead of travel, routines and intuitiveness. When ruled by Mars, a planet associated with passion, red colors and fire, a person born under the influence of Scorpio can exhibit creative and passionate behaviors. A Scorpio often experiences extreme emotions within while appearing physically calm.

Since Pluto is also often considered the ruler of Scorpio, Scorpios are associated with Pluto’s traits, which include death or destruction, the underworld, and rebirth or recreation. A Scorpio may feel the intense need to explore their emotions, personal truths, and anything hidden within them. Their internalization without outward expression can make them appear mysterious or secretive to others. Their association with Mars and Pluto can make them also assertive, bold, and fearless.

Scorpio Weaknesses

Looking inward so much can make it difficult for some Scorpios to see the world around them in the moment. A Scorpio might also believe that they’re always right about a subject and take offense easily if someone has a different opinion. Once they’re angry with someone, a Scorpio might have difficulty letting go of their need for justice or revenge. Their “sting” can do more than hurt. Some Scorpios can emotionally explode with anger and even become violent. Since they might hold a grudge, they can become lost in thoughts about the past and anyone who hurt them. If they’ve been harmed a lot over time, they can become obsessively distrustful of people in general.

They have difficulty initially discussing their own feelings and thoughts while demanding that others provide the same details from the start. They can act manipulatively at times, especially if they’re seeking the truth about something or trying to achieve a specific goal. Their ambitious nature can also quickly turn to greed for power.

Scorpios are easily capable of working hard, saving money, and staying within a budget. They don’t usually take a risk with money unless they’re guaranteed an eventual positive outcome. Yet, some Scorpios enjoy the thrill that taking risks can give them. If a Scorpio likes to gamble, they can become indebted because of impulsive risk-taking and their inability to plan for bad luck. They can also be prone to mishandling money when dealing with credit cards, loans, and mortgages.

Scorpio Compatibility

Astrology can’t predict every possible outcome. That said, as a rule, a lot of Scorpios have historically enjoyed relationships the most with people born under certain signs. Scorpios desire relationships that help them build long-term deep connections and trust and explore and understand human nature.

Although this may sound strange given that Mars is one of Scorpio’s rulers, people born under the influence of Scorpio aren’t considered compatible with anyone who has an Aries, Leo or Sagittarius fire sign as a friend or a lover. Scorpios can initially experience strong sexual attraction and chemistry with fire sign people, but these signs are often associated with passionate casual relationships, exploring the world and finding adventures while a Scorpio would rather stay home and enjoy stability and long-term commitment. People born under an Aquarius, Gemini, or Libra air sign are also considered incompatible. They can be too emotionally intense and express their emotions too outwardly. Some air sign people are also associated with erratic and irresponsible behaviors.

Since Scorpios love stability, they do incredibly well with Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo earth sign partners. These signs are considered extremely grounded and stable. Of course, they’re also compatible with other Scorpios and water sign Cancer and Pisces partners since water sign individuals usually understand the emotional and other needs of Scorpios.

Scorpio Relationships

Scorpios don’t hold back once they’re in any sort of relationship. Yet, they can initially seem unemotional and standoffish. Once they make a friend, they take the friendship seriously, express their feelings and thoughts more, and prove invaluable for keeping secrets. While highly loyal to their friends, they can also be brutally honest and hold grudges. If they’re harmed by someone they considered a friend, some Scorpios viciously seek revenge.

On one hand, given Scorpio’s ability to explore emotions and seek truth, they can usually sense immediately when someone isn’t being truthful with them during the initial stage of a friendship or a first date. On the other hand, a person who enters a relationship with a Scorpio can have difficulty getting them to express their emotions at first since they internalize so much. Of course, Scorpios can also make connections with others deeper through their questions and desire for truth. Once they have a strong connection with a potential partner, that person benefits from the Scorpio’s deep understanding of their emotions.

With sexual and romantic relationships, they desire more than casual sex even though they’re passionate and sexual beings. Scorpio is often the sign most associated with sex. They’re willing to experiment and fully explore various types of sexual play. They delight in sensual experiences. That said, they want deep, emotionally intimate connections and physical closeness with potential partners that allow them to be fully open and explore the expression of their feelings through sexual interactions. They may also seek spiritual connection before a physically intimate one.

Scorpio Professions

All Scorpio traits combine to make people born under the influence of this sign perfect for some careers more than others. Their loyal nature and dislike of telling secrets mean that they usually work well with others. They can handle teamwork, but they prefer standalone projects. Their desire to explore and research emotions, truth and hidden meanings, and intuitive, nearly psychic understanding of others mean that they can often find fulfillment in careers that involve guiding, leading, or mentoring others. Since they’re also able to focus for a long time on one subject or task, they can find contentment in research and scientific positions.

Top Scorpio career choices include:

– Astrologer
– Auditor
– Consultant
– Detective
– Engineer
– Financial Adviser
– Forensic Scientist
– Massage Therapist
– Pharmacist
– Psychologist
– Researcher
– Sex Therapist
– Spiritual Adviser
– Tarot Card Reader

Scorpio Overview

A Scorpio derives strength from emotions and helps others better understand their emotions and deepest truths. They’re bold, passionate beings, but it takes a lot of effort for other people in their lives to discover the person that a Scorpio hides within. Once a person builds a relationship with a Scorpio, the Scorpio is loyal for life unless harmed.

Their traits are fixed and normally stable unless they experience sudden anger or a bout of impulsiveness or fear. They love facts and truth and loathe gossip and liars. They’re highly compatible with other Scorpios and water signs. When it comes to careers and finances, they can find success in positions that involve leadership, guidance, mentorship, or research by reducing risk-taking activities.