Sedgwick, Philip

Philip SedgwickSedgwick, Philip
Tucson, AZ

Philip is an internationally known astrologer, the popular master of ceremonies for the Norwac Astrology conference held annually in Seattle and the author of several books, including: Astrology of Deep Space, Astrology of Transcendence, The Sun at the center: A Primer of Heliocentric Astrology, The Galactic Ephemeris and The Sky of the Soul. Philip is a frequent speaker at many Astrology conferences and a counseling astrologer specializing in Deep Space delineation, heliocentric interpretations and his current interest of research, the asteroid Centaurs. If you haven’t gone beyond the solar system into deep space, you haven’t fully explored yourself through your astrological chart. Philip brings a depth and richness to his consultations through this unique group of specialties.