Semenov, Constantine

Semenov, Constantine
Crimea, Ukraine
+380 63 2686340

For a long time I was engaged with karma astrology, being sure to find an answer to the question: what for I was born and why I have all that that I inherit in this life. An attempt to answer these questions has resulted in a professional work not only in an astrological area, but also in other directions of mysticism. Modern society dictates the certain conditions of work in different fields of esoteric knowledge. In most cases people are interested in simple every day things such as money, love affaires, household, and personal things, but in my opinion it is necessary to look wider and search for something interesting in more serious aspects of live.

The main activity in mysticism to my mind is improvement of vital activity system of a human being. The basic astrological direction, which I see as perspective for improvement of energy of the world, is a choice of the correct period of conception of the future child and the help to a women who experience difficulties with conception, through drawing up a calendar of conception containing optimum dates for conception. It will show you the most probable time for conception and a right choice of childbirth date. You can always order such a calendar with a comment of a natal cards just calling or sending me an E-mail.

Next important direction in astrology is prevention of accidents and improvement of karmodial conditions. The main thing is to warn people about forthcoming misfortune so that a man is ready to work with adverse concatenation of circumstances if they can be seen-through a man’s birthchart. These are adverse prospects in different aspects of live, including personal security.

The third crucial factor that determines actual condition of karma and destiny is amulets. Amulets and things bearing protective power and correctly charged can not only remove negative influences of other systems but also transfer a correct, constructive pulse of protecting power field and destiny.

Everyone who wishes to take advantage of this service can order a special amulet as the Egyptian cross, and also as an open palm. Amulets of a dragon play special role in this question. Stylization is also an important question in a choice of the amulet. It’s one of serious medallions with the dragon image that I want to call your attention to. There is a particular stone in the centre of a medallion that suits its owner. There are used both precious and ornamental stones.

Amulets are made of silver and gold and go through a special ritual of purifying and charging against certain energetic parameters. A jeweler makes them in a certain day and time, chosen according to an astrological card of a customer.

Economy studies allow me to carry out astrological researches and give you a professional advise in different modern business activities at a highly professional level. A significant part of business world is still under strong influence of stars that is proven by astrological researches in fields of macro economy, business administration, the finance, and also management and marketing. Most of things that happen in the world of money are indicatively determined by stars in the sky and secrets of a human embodiment.

On the basis of the conducted researches in an astrology and collected knowledge in the world of business I’ve issued a training course of a business astrology that I’m pleased to offer to your attention. It’s purposed for those who fancies himself an astrologist in the world of business and wants to receive astrological fundamentals of business and the theory of money. You’re welcomed to pass through a training course at my school of business astrology.

The system of images and symbols has the big value in any human’s life. In esoteric creativity I find painting an opportunity to display all scale of existence and to penetrate into meditations in essence of a question, which is represented on a canvas or on paper. I invite you to see your present, past and future in pictures made according to my sketches. Those who closely read my secret forecasts, can understand, that space hides sometimes the information about our past, present and future. It’s intended for those people who are ready to meet and to look into the unknown.