Seven of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Whether you are going for a general reading of the future or focusing on a specific topic of your divination, every Tarot card has various meanings. This article is focused on the Seven of Pentacles tarot card description.

Upright Seven of Pentacles Meaning – Upright

An example of the pentacles tarot card meanings

Generally, this minor arcana card is associated with success and development due to hard work as shown in the Three of Pentacles and the Ten of Wands tarot cards.

This card indicates that your hard work will soon pay off (as demonstrated by the growing seven pentacles) and is always a welcome sight after it feels like nothing has come together. Conversely, it can signal that you are at a branching point in some major decision. The Seven of Pentacles tarot card is all about turning concepts into tangible benefits.

Love and Relationships – Upright

For couples, the Seven of Pentacles upright in a love tarot spread suggests that your long term relationship is healthy due to the work it takes to maintain a happy one. It is also a sign that such a bond is paying off as it could preclude notions of marriage, homeownership or even pregnancy. For singles, this card can signal a meditation on past relationships and pursue a finer understanding of yourself and what you want in a partner. Chances are good that if a single individual sees this card then they are nearing an encounter with a suitable partner.

Career and Money – Upright

The upright Seven of Pentacles suggests the fruition of hard labor. Truly, this card represents the culmination of efforts, and seeing it should have you smiling when you check your records. Similar to the hanged man card, you may also be stuck trying to decide which path of many to choose and the Seven of Pentacles can signal that focusing on analysis will yield the best course.

Alternately, in relation to a career meaning, Seven of Pentacles might signal the approach of someone nearing retirement, which often yields dividends for the rest of a company. As far as money goes, the Seven of Pentacles represents payouts of some form, be it a raise, stock options, greater profits, or even a sizable inheritance.

Health – Upright

When it comes to health and vitality, Seven of Pentacles is a good sign. If you are trying to pursue a healthier lifestyle, the Seven of Pentacles shows that now is a good time to figure out if it is paying off. This is a card concerned with manifesting goals so anyone looking to shed weight, bulk up or stop a bad habit can take comfort in knowing that now is a good time to do so.

Alternately, this card might signal a pregnancy, which is often deemed to be a good thing and a literal spin on this card’s theme of growth and abundance.​

Spiritual Matters – Upright

The Seven of Pentacles signals that whatever effort you have put in will reward you thrice over. Alternately, it can signal being stuck at a spiritual crossroads and you will need to decide the next step along your path.​

Reversed Seven of Pentacles Meaning – Reversed

A reversed example of the pentacles tarot card meanings

Generally, this interpretation is associated with failures, laziness, putting things off, and basically anything else that signals a failure to succeed.

Generally, this card will indicate that you have either been working hard on a fruitless effort. Maybe you are spreading yourself too thin or consider yourself a workaholic. Another interpretation is that you have been slacking off or unfocused. Yet another take is that you are due for a major shift in how your life has been due to this lack of investment. Ultimately, the Seven of Pentacles reversed foretells stunted growth, hangups, delays, and failure.

Love and Relationships – Reversed

For couples, if the Seven of Pentacles reversed is shown during a tarot reading, it signals that things are not great; maybe you have hit a rut or have not been deepening your bond. Some time apart may be best or it might be a sign that there is an imbalance of investment in the relationship; someone might be too involved with work or other things to focus on the relationship and hurting communication.

It can also signal frustration or slow progress toward a desired goal in the relationship. Regardless of the issue, this is a sign to stop and assess what you care about, then focus on achieving those things, even if it would mean breaking up.

For singles, this card either signals an undue focus on work and material matters to the detriment of relationships and love or frustration with where your love life is headed. Consider where you are putting your focus-your ideal partner is not likely to knock on your door so make an effort to meet them in the world.

Be also mindful that going too hard is a sign of desperation or clinginess. Make an effort without being controlling-love needs to be nurtured but also the freedom to breathe.

Career and Money – Reversed

In a Career and Money tarot reading the Seven of Pentacles reversed is a sign that you are either over-or under-investing in your career-both are pursuits that lead to underwhelming ends. You may also be a workaholic to the point of diminishing returns. Another perspective is that you are too lazy or aimless to succeed and do not reflect upon your situation or plan well enough.

Regardless, you need to refocus, consider your goals and figure out what will actually achieve them. Yet another interpretation is that someone is holding off on retirement or otherwise imperiling a business’ prosperity. In money matters, this card is often a herald of poor planning, hiccups in cash flow, and poor returns.

Health – Reversed

A person with health issues can see that their poor health is the result of bad habits or behavior. and can be the wake-up call needed to break free of them. This card can also signal a need to pause and reflect upon how your poor health choices affect your life. Lastly, it can foresee issues with pregnancy or conception depending upon the other cards in the tarot reading.​

Spiritual Matters – Reversed

This card sees unhappiness and spiritual discontent and admits defeat. Now would be a good time to stop and meditate on your stresses. If you have done little to manifest success and all endeavors seem failures, consider what your intentions truly are and if they have tainted your spiritual goals. You might also consider that this is just one of those moments where the spirit is stymied by a universe that feels we are better suited to a different path, even if we cannot yet sense it.