Seven of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

This Minor Arcana card depicts risky behavior. The Upright Seven of Swords describes wit, resourcefulness, and strategy. Or it can hint at theft, dodgy deals, a general lack of conscience, or escaping detection. Could there be office politics or jealousy afoot? Or perhaps you were hoping not to face the consequences of a dishonest act, whether punishment or a hit to your reputation. Now, however, there’s a risk of the secret seeing the light of day.

The Upright Seven of Swords

Your acts may be legitimate, and you prefer to use your intellect rather than force, power moves, or mental manipulation. You may be able to bypass aggression by using your wits and diplomacy or seeking counsel for guidance. For example, if circumstances force your hand or compel you to make a decision that cuts corners. This reading reveals the card’s qualities of daring and creativity as a means to an end or, put another way, playing the game rather than being played.

Drawing this card could also suggest that you’re considering exiting a scene that’s no longer working for you. This might be the right time to explore going solo. The group has been good, but now you need to honor your desire for freedom, innovation, and independence.

Key Concepts Upright Seven of Swords

  • Deceit
  • Strategy
  • Scheming
  • Risk
  • Theft
  • Frenemy

Finances – Upright Seven of Swords

Caution should be your word in finances; be conscientious of others’ behavior and your responsibility for looking out for yourself. Yet know that there’s often a price for gambling, gaming, thieving, or shady dealings.

Career – Upright Seven of Swords

The Seven of Swords can reveal deceit or underhandedness in a work setting. Beware of others undermining your reputation, stealing your projects, or associates involved in suspect deals. Remember that flexibility, adaptability, and daring tempered by diplomacy are the best course of action.

Love and Relationships – Upright Seven of Swords

Like a ballad with an off-key melody, lies, betrayal, and tricks are in the cards when you draw the Seven of Swords. You, or perhaps a romantic partner, might be tempted to be unfaithful. Remain cautious if you’ve connected with someone new. If you’ve been tempted, consider the long-term consequences of your actions. Even the smallest falsehoods can grow into big problems.

This card offers a chance to evaluate if you’ve been too untrusting of potential partners for all the single ladies and men out there. Or perhaps you’ve been misleading others about who you are, where you’re going, and what you need?

The Reversed Seven of Swords

The Reversed Seven of Swords has multiple meanings just like the Five of Wands, influenced by the context and content of the other Tarot cards. It often raises the question or situation about which you’re most curious. It could be an invitation to rethink old habits or consider a novel approach to a problem. For example, re-appraising a process if the methods you’ve been using aren’t earning your desired results.

Turning up the Reversed Seven of Swords suggests an excess utilization of intellect with an outcome that could be challenging to you and the results you’d hoped to achieve. While you could conceivably get away with cutting corners, your conscience will come back to tell you some home truths. And suppose others were to discover you were less than honorable with a plan, scheme, or affair. In that case, that could lead to embarrassment or a loss of reputation.

While Upright, this card may indicate a win by deception and trickery; the Reversed Seven of Swords stands for a more extreme version of such behavior, or it can reveal a renewal of conscience. You, or someone in your close circle, may be best served by confession and making amends. If you’ve violated your partner’s trust, a confession may help repair it. There is a desire to attempt to do things differently. Issues and dilemmas concerning collaboration and independence may require examination.

Key Concepts Reversed Seven of Swords

  • Confession
  • Conscience
  • Maliciousness
  • Lies revealed
  • Shame
  • Truth

When drawing the Seven of Swords, many questions concerning finances, career, and relationships arise. Let’s look at these in greater depth. Here are some key concepts to explore when drawing the Seven of Swords:

Finances – Reversed Seven of Swords

The Reversed Seven of Swords asks: Have you been aboveboard in your financial dealings? Now is an auspicious time to repay a debt, take care of taxes, or attend to other business matters. Get your financial house in order to avoid getting into deeper trouble. There could be consequences for not taking the honorable path.

Career Meaning – Reversed Seven of Swords

Problems at work may be escalating. But, be assured that a person’s character, actions, and words lay the blueprint for the future. If business partners or coworkers have been untruthful, this could be a period where falsehoods are exposed. However, if you’re the one who has been taking shortcuts, the risk of getting caught is high. And even if you did get away with a shady stunt or dodgy move, is the guilt and shame worth it? The Seven of Swords may also indicate that the strategies and the approach you’ve been using in your career are not working as effectively as you’d like. Now is the time to explore alternatives.

Love and Relationships – Reversed Seven of Swords

The Reversed Seven of Swords suggests an end to lies and deception. Face it: deceit eventually always comes to light. However, this card holds clues that the truth is coming to the forefront. If you’re unattached and looking for love, this can be a sign to let go of deception or stop playing games. In the long run, this may bring you more fulfillment than having to consistently reinvent yourself for a lover.

If you’re in an established relationship, your partner could be emotionally or sexually exploring. Or maybe you’re the deceiver; if so, it’s vital to confess and correct any wrongdoing. The problem with dishonesty is that it eats through the fabric of the relationship. Simply the ongoing anxiety of discovery brings issues. If you feel an urge to confess and perhaps reconcile, honor it. If you’re sincerely regretful and willing to improve, there’s an excellent chance for forgiveness.