Shree, Jaya

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Jaya ShreeShree, Jaya
Kottayam, India

Is it a sin to look at the planets for guidance? Am I doing the right thing? These were my prime concerns before taking astrology as a profession. As I have strong Mercury, I can never run away from astrology. I know that at some point of my life I have to transform as a full-fledged astrologer.

My quest
My theological life was an enlightening period in my life. I just did not study theology, but rambled into psychology, mysticism, spirituality, and philanthropy. Every day I learned new things about God and God’s spiritual realm. I understood that thefive planets sitting in my dharma house would never let me to have a desire for worldly pleasures. The planets warn me against superficial relations or worldly desires. The moment I set my eyes on worldly wisdom and pleasures, I am sure my life will go haywire. I have experienced it in my journey of life. I studied ‘The Bible’ from renowned Church leaders for more than 10 years. My quest for knowledge has pursued me to read religious books and the power of the Supreme.

I am a Law Graduate from the famous Government Law College,Thiruvananthapuram. I practiced for a while in the Family Court at Thiruvananthapuram. I am a certified Technical Writer and an SEO Analyst.

Currently, I am an astrological columnist for Kerala’s largest online news portal, MarunadanMalayali , astrology expert for and a blogger for spirituality column Speaking Tree.

Astrology does not mean that we should worship planets. Worship only God. Pray to God for wisdom and move through the plans of God. However, look at planets for guidance and I am here to guide you.