Sidharth, Jagannath Joshi

Jagannath Sidharth Sidharth, Jagannath Joshi

Astrologer Sidharth Jagannath Joshi is One of the best astrologer having good practice in India. He mastered in traditional parashar paddathi, Lal kitab, Krishnamurti Paddhati and Vastu Shastra. With his accurate horoscope prediction and effective remedies he got attention from Indians who are spread all over the globe. His premier customer are from USA, Australia, England, Europe, Middle East, China as well as all over India.

He practice astrology since 1999. Short after his learning course began in 1997, It was not professional till 2003. First he started his office in Bikaner and got attention of senior astrologers. An astrologer must have some qualities, like pure analytical brain, psychoanalytical capacity, intuition, mathematical calculation, quick response and many more, but in spite of that a good astrologer must have his guru’s blessings. So, that Sidharth have from his gurus.

His guruji Pradeep Maharaj. Long ago it was 8th decade of last century when his guruji make a national level impression. With guruji’s grace Sidharth flourish in astrology field. In 2007 Astrologer Sidharth came in touch with blogging and got national level readership through his blog called “Jyotish Darshan.” With his 6 years of experience in print media he wrote enormous out of the box articles in his blog in Hindi language.

Now he successfully run Parashara ASTRO CONSULTANCY as a CEO. You can find his astrology articles on this website. As he studied in traditional PARASHAR Paddhati he practices it with his main subject. Other than you will find excellent articles about Traditional Vedic Astrology, Lal Kitab, Krishnamurthi Paddhati(KP), Samudrik Shastra, Prashna Vigyan, Natal horoscope, Horoscope compatibility and many more.

You can find him online at social network. On Facebook with more than 4 thousand listeners he communicates live with his Jhatkas. On Google+ he has more than 4500 Connections. On twitter he has more than thousand followers. Social platform make him available for your astrological guidance on daily basis. After a long journey through print media articles Astrologer Sidharth came back to blogging and wrote almost 200 articles on various issues regarding astrology and Vastu shastra. You can find it all right here on this website.

Parashara Astro Consultancy is a group of astrologers with guidance of Pradeep Maharaj. Astrologer Shri Ram Bissa and Astrologer Preeti Rajgor are core team players with Astrologer Sidharth. If you have Exact birth data then you can get our all premium services. If you don’t have exact birth data, then you should ask for our “PRASHNA KUNDALI SERVICE.” You will get perfect answer possible.

For the record Astrologer Sidharth graduate with Science Biology and Post Graduate with Philosophy. With his Six years of experience in Print media as Sub Editor he is able to write deep Astrology subject in a very common and interesting way.