Six of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

The Six of Pentacles tarot card description shows a wealthy man dressed in a crimson robe who gives cash to two beggars bowing at his feet. He holds a balanced scale in his left hand, which represents fairness. This card symbolizes financial security and benevolence, meaning that you will freely share your wealth and success with others.

In another setting, this minor arcana card may refer to getting assistance while enjoying the comfort and warmth that comes with it. This card can be used to deliver or receive different types of messages. It means at a particular time, you are the giver, while in another season, you are the receiver.

The Six of Pentacles in Tarot depicts a man holding the scales of justice to suggest that he decides who gets the coins and who does not. The picture has a high-level clarity on the person in charge and displays those who have and those who do not. This card is potent in presenting both the present and future positions regarding giving and receiving the anticipated and needed blessings.

The Six of Pentacles Upright

Six of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings (Upright): The Six of Pentacles tarot card represents the circle of life which seeks to explain that balance is necessary, but life and its events can change at any moment. One day you could be the person on the card who has a surplus and generously give to the less fortunate.

The upright meaning of the card represents the wealth that one has amassed over time and their willingness to improve the financial lives of others.

Money & Career – Upright

The Six of Pentacles tarot card, when looked at in the context of money and career, is connected to terms such as:
• Sponsorships
• Employment
• Winnings
• Windfalls
• Inheritances
• Donations
• New business opportunities
• Rewards

When you are ready and willing to start a new business, the outlook is that a helping hand will come your way soon for any assistance you may need. This is an excellent card if you are looking for a new employment opportunity or considering switching careers. It indicates that whatever you set your mind to doing will be successful.

The Six of Pentacles could signify an individual in an influential position being merciful and supportive to you and your ventures. The card could indicate generosity and gifts coming your way in the form of donations and charity. The Six of Pentacles also symbolize prosperity, wealth, and financial rewards that one has earned or is expecting or working hard to reap the benefits.

It can also represent getting the money owed to you that you lent someone.

Love & Relationships – Upright

For individuals in love and relationships, the Six of Pentacles tarot card is a great card because it resembles a mature love full of kindness, caring, and forgiveness between partners. This love grows stronger because the couple keeps a favorable mix of compromise. However, the couple needs to maintain a healthy balance of giving and taking during this time.

During this period, the couple should experience a season of prosperity and positivity. However, without a proper balance, the card could represent one being the provider in the relationship, always giving and also controlling their partner. The other partner could be sitting in a position of less control and having to put up with negative energy and resentment from time to time.

For single people, the Six of Pentacles suggests that you will meet an individual who will be kind to you. It could also mean that you will find a companion as you become generous with your time and effort.

Health & Spirituality – Upright

In a health tarot spread the Six of Pentacles indicates to anyone struggling with mental or physical health that help is on the way. The sick will soon find a partner who will be of great help in restoring their health.

On spiritual matters, the card suggests that one is on the way to highlighting experience and theological insights that may benefit others. You will find a mentor or become a mentee of an individual who will assist you in spiritual matters. The Six of Pentacles advises people to share their spiritual experiences and knowledge with others.

The Six of Pentacles Reversed

Six of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings (Reversed): In a Tarot reading, the Six of Pentacles reversed represents stinginess. This minor arcana reversed card means a lack of generosity or offering gifts with strings attached. It is possible to find individuals who appear generous, but in the end, you realize that they have ulterior motives. Others may be in a position of influence and power but abuse it.

For individuals in a position of power, the reversed meaning of the Six of Pentacles reversed is that you are using your powers for ill gain. Read all business terms and contracts carefully to understand what you expect as you sign the deal. Most individuals will give but expect a steep return in the end.

It is important to understand your limits. Do not overcommit to people who may be in need of your assistance. Having a charitable heart is admirable; you might end up with a problem of giving out more than you can manage.

Money & Career – Reversed

The Six of Pentacles reversed is the opposite of the upright card since it could be a sign of unemployment, being undermined, fired, or demoted at work. It could signify that individuals in powerful positions are taking advantage of their juniors while abusing power. Be careful about people in power but act generously to you because they could have ulterior motives.

The card could reflect false charities, getting scammed and conned as people appear to you as helpers and financiers. This means that you have to be highly cautious when you lend money or deal with money that involves donors and charities. If you fail to seek financial advice, assistance, or funding, your projects could stall, or you remain in a low-paying job for a longer time than usual.

The reversed Six of Pentacles tarot card reversed illustrates that you should not take loans without a proper and structured way of making payments. Such loans could make you vulnerable if you fail to pay in time. This represents the greedy side of charity which cautions you to remain vigilant.

Love & Relationship – Reversed

In a love tarot reading the reversed Six of Pentacles does not send any positive message to those in relationships or friendships. This could mean that the love and friendship therein lack equilibrium with one of the partners manipulating the other. It could represent a partner who is more submissive or dependent on another.

A relationship’s lack of equilibrium could lead to severe challenges, including struggles. You could be incubating challenges in your partnerships if you are not being kind and transparent with future friends.

Health & Spirituality – Reversed

The card reversed could suggest that delaying obtaining medical attention or failing to seek professional medical advice and guidance could lead to general poor well-being in the health context.

Under spirituality, the card could represent offering spiritual guidance, dedicating your time and money but getting none in return. It could signify that you are a subordinate of an individual when you submit to them or admire their expertise. Strive to offer genuine spiritual guidance without taking advantage of your associates or mentees.