Stevens, Cece

Cece StevensStevens, Cece
Hemet, CA

Professional Astrologer, Dowser, Numerologist, Shaman, Empath healer. Cece Stevens is a member of National Council Geo-Cosmic Research (NCGR) and the American Federation of Astrologers (MAFA).

She was born 25 May 1951 in New York. Cece has personally studied with Steve Cozzie in Relocation charts, Jim Lewis in Astro-Cartography charts, Jeff Green Pluto in the charts, Rob Hand in Composite charts and Noel Tyl Astrology series. Cece has several books that she has written on the subject of Astrology and Numerology. NUMBER OF YOUR FUTURE – Numerology, ASTRO MAGI CARDS OF FATE – book on the Magi, 90 DEGREE DIAL ASPECT FINDER – Astrology Wheel, ASTRO-MAGI CALCULATOR – Magi card finder, SOLAR LUNAR RETURNS – Solar and Lunar Returns and CHINESE ASTROLOGY -Understanding the signs. Her specialties are Relocation, Astro Cartography, Relationships and Career. She also makes tools for Astrology, Numerology and Dowsing Rods