Stillwell, Helen Dip.Psych.Astrol. F.A.P.A.I

Helen StillwellStillwell, Helen Dip.Psych.Astrol. F.A.P.A.I
Somerset BA11 4NP England, UK
ph. 01373 837370 or 07817 211907

HELEN STILLWELL Dip.Psyche.Astrol/Cert.Psyche.Astrol/I.T.E.C, is a professional astrologer offering in-depth consultations covering all areas of life. She does one to one personal consultations and consultations over the phone.

She is a member of the Association of Professional Astrologers and The Astrological Lodge of London-Great Britain. Helen is also a Certified Soul Realignment Practitioner and Reiki Practitioner.