Strength Tarot Card Meaning

Every Tarot card has two meanings. This guide has been written to spell out what both interpretations of Strength can signal in general and in specific forms of divination such as careers or love.

The Upright Strength

The upright Strength is symbolic of concepts like inner strength, valor, kindness and defeating one’s self-doubt.

General Meanings

Strength is the Major Arcana member concerned with inner strength and symbolizes harnessing your raw emotions in order to navigate your path. It also has some overlap with Chariot due to being concerned with beating adversity, though Strength only cares for internal issues. Generally, Strength indicates your pursuit of self-mastery and desire to be more courageous and daring than your insecurities permit. By showing patience you can harness new levels of self-confidence and talent. While Strength is focused on the internal, it can also represent overcoming another wild influence through positive means.

Love and Relationships – Upright

Strength is connected to the Leo, meaning you may be courting a Leo if it shows up in a love reading.​ For singles, Strength signals a great time to meet others because your confidence will amazing or you may be called to someone with a wild side that you can temper. For couples, Strength indicates that your bond is strong as a testament to several struggles and trials. If you have had troubled relationships, Strength can signal that things may be improving.

Career and Finances – Upright

Strength’s presence in a career reading signals that you should harness your emotions and move onward. You have the skills and aptitude, you just need to believe in yourself. Ignore anxieties about failing or looking silly, they only diminish your potential.

  • If you want a promotion, go for it.
  • If you are being overlooked, do something that distinguishing.
  • Have you thought about running your own business, do it.

If the reading is about finances, Strength indicates a need to avoid impulsive spending. Think through and analyze any investment so that it sounds good after your emotional reaction.​

Health – Upright

Strength is wonderful in health-related readings; it often signals good or improving health. Ill individuals who see Strength can rest easy knowing that the worst is behind them. Strength is also a sign that the body and mind are in balance and now would be ideal for pursuing any positive lifestyle changes, especially if they entail greater levels of self-control.

Spiritual Matters – Upright

​When it comes to spiritual readings, Strength shows that you are developing a greater tether to your higher self. This higher self, in turn, can bolster your inner strength and equilibrium than you could ever imagine. The more you put into growing this connection, the more harmonious things will be for your mind, body and soul. If you are going through a tough point in your life, Strength can remind you that you can overcome this; things will improve.

The Reversed Strength

​The reversed Strength is symbolic of concepts like weakness, self-doubt, lacking self-esteem and self-confidence and inadequacy.

General Meanings – Reversed

When the reversed Strength appears, it is a sign that you are not properly making use of your inner strength. This is not to say that you are weak so much as you are being handicapped by fear, anxiety and other negative energies.

This is a time when you really need to find the strength and confidence within yourself to escape your situation. While you possess the strength you will need to clear these hurdles, your access to that strength is restricted, leaving you neurotic and weak-willed. Keep your mind on the positive, keep your distance from those who instill feelings of inferiority and divert your energies toward people who bolster you.

Love and Relationships – Reversed

Finding the reversed Strength in love readings, for a single person, can be a sign that you lack control over your impulses or your troubled self-esteem may be impairing your judgement when it comes to a suitable partner.

This can result in a vicious cycle where your bad relationships worsen your self-esteem, leading you to lower your standards and being more willing to accept worse people. Work on these issues with confidence and self-esteem by focusing on building up your confidence; you know you deserve better.

For couples, the reverse Strength can signal that despite having a strong relationship, at least one partner has self-esteem issues that have them wondering if they really deserve the love; this perception may cause that partner to act out and behave irrationally, likely betraying how they feel about their partner. Do your best to quell the murmurs of fear and anxiety within a relationship that has no cause for them.

Career and Finances – Reversed

When it comes to careers, the reverse Strength card has much of the same meaning as its upright version; you need to be brave and believe in yourself if you want to advance. However, the difference with the reversed Strength is that you are being stymied by fear and neuroses.

Fearing failure is only as paralytic as you allow it. Abandon your self-doubt; it does nothing positive for a person. People have more inner resolve than they imagine; it just takes self-belief to access. With sufficient confidence, you will have the necessary focus to advance and, even better, others will notice the change in attitude.

If the reading is concerned with finances, this card signals that you should be very cautious with your spending.​

Health – Reversed

In matters of health, reversed Strength signals that you are healthy, at least in body. This card highlights how you may be impulsive and impulsiveness contribute to health-harming habits. Try to regain your self-control and work on one bad habit at a time; small, regular changes will contribute to something grand.

Spiritual Matters – Reversed

​In these matters, this card indicates that while you have a strong tether to the spirit, your emotional anxieties are blinding you from that tether. If you can abandon your anxiety and doubt, you will be able to palpably gain those spiritual benefits.