Sundell, Anne

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Anne SundellSundell, Anne
Vasa, Finland

My name is Anne Sundell, and I got interested in astrology in my teens. I was born 1978 and at the age of 17 (1996) I took my first basic course in astrology. I am not a medium and I can not predict the future. I’ve learn what I know by simply studying the subject. I also am an international nurse and developmental psychologist. I’ve been working among substance abusers, with teenagers, as a responsible supervisor and family worker within child protective services, within a correctional unit and also some voluntary work. Beyond this I am also a writer.

Within the years I have participated in following astrology courses; Basic course, advanced course, Solar charts, Karmic astrology-course, and in 2015

I got accepted to MISPA Mercury Internet School of Psychological Astrology where I studied psychological astrology and graduated year 2018.

I am a member of The Astrological Association, who granted me a scholarship in year 2016. I am also a member of Finland’s Professional Astrologers, Finland’s Astrological association, and Professional Astrologers Internationally.

My ethical outlook and professional secrecy is important for me in the astrological business. But also the need to be able to know your own limits, to clearly explain to a client what a reading is all about and to not do readings about date of death or dishonest future interpretations.

There have been moments where it’s been necessary for me to recommend my client to seek professional help. I encourage my clients to reach out and give feedback and ask questions that might emerge. I have through my studies also met other astrologers that
I’ve been able to consult at possible questions or problematic situations.

I work in swedish, english and finnish.
I record my chart readings to a CD, and I do consultations personally. I teach astrology and keep lectures.
I don’t mind participating in public and in media, as long as I get enough time to prepare for eventual readings.


I am a international nurse, BN (Honors) with experience of working abroad (Africa). I have a Masters Degree in Developmental Psychology and hold a Diploma from the Mercury Internet School of Psychological Astrology (MISPA).

I’m a published author and have been working at the Finnish astrological newspaper.

My readings are done on Skype, audio taped, and in person.