Uniyal, A.D, Prof. Dr. Sir

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Uniyal, A.D, Prof. Dr. Sir Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India www.medastro.co.in draduniyal@gmail.com A.D. Uniyal, Astrologer, Scientist & Astro Physician Prof Biographical & introductory note of Prof. Dr.Sir. Dr.Sir A.D. Uniyal, an Astrologer, Astro Physician & Scientist practicing in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India as … Read More

Patel, Kamlesh

Patel, Kamlesh Chicago Il 773-392-5412 anish12patel@gmail.com I am a U.S.A based qualified, experienced Astrologer who has been practicing astrology over 25 years. I am specialized in Vedic Indian Astrology and I am certified as “Jyotish Ratna”. My father Dr. Natverlal … Read More

Emeney, Ellen

Emeney, Ellen England +44 (0)1736 331291 www.astro-services.com Ellen Emeney is a trained and qualified professional astrologer who is also a historian who specializes in the middle ages. She is a teacher, a counselor and her interests range far and wide … Read More

Akua, Khefreun

Akua, Khefreun Kauai, HI. tropicastrology@yahoo.com www.TropicAstrology.com www.YouTube.com/SkyofWonder Studying and practicing Astrology for over half a decade, Khefreun inspires to redefine our modern understanding of this cosmic meta-science by integrating different fields of physics, astronomy, psychology, and spiritual teachings into a … Read More