Lavoie, Alphee

Lavoie, Alphee West Hartford, CT (800) 659-1247 (860) 232-6521 Alphee Lavoie, C.A., NCGR Level IV, Counseling & Rectification For the past 40 years Alphee Lavoie has earned his living solely on his skill as a successful, full time, … Read More

Gregg, Michelle

Gregg, Michelle Atlanta, GA 404.343.4833 Michelle Gregg is a Counseling Astrologer, utilizing Astrology, a Jungian psychological model, and Mythology to counsel people toward their highest good. Her work opens people to their greatest potential, reminds them of their … Read More

Bogart, Greg

Bogart, Greg Richmond, CA 510-594-4329 Greg is a Bay Area astrologer and psychotherapist. He is also the author of four books described in his web site. Greg does chart readings in person or by telephone. He holds a … Read More