Pierpaoli, Paola

Pierpaoli, Paola Rome, Italy info@esperienzediluce.com www.esperienzediluce.com Paola Pierpaoli has been concerned with astrology, tarot card reading and spiritual healing since 1985. She has been in constant contact with her Spirit Guide since 1996 and she operates as a channeler. She … Read More

Phillips, T.S.

Phillips, T.S. Malibu, CA 310-456-0530 starmanTed@astroadvisor.com www.AstroAdvisor.com Ted is a professional astrologer who offers a full line of astrology services. He is a multi talented astrologer whose expertise includes Forecasting, electional and horary charts, natal, location charts and relationship counseling. … Read More

Thomas, Robert Mystery

Thomas, Robert Mystery Cucamonga CA P O Box 8303, Rancho Cucamonga Ca, 91701 909-229-0129 SPIRITUALVIEW@aol.com www.LunarInsight.com Certified Professional Astrologer Robert Mystery Thomas. Member of American Federation of Astrologers, the International Society for Astrological Research and the national council for Geo-Cosmic … Read More

Padmakshaa, Achrya

Padmakshaa, Achrya India 91-135-2670406 941-416-1965 padmakshaa@gmail.com Jyotish Acharya Padmakshaa, a well-known astrologer, is much sought after by the rich, famous and mighty from all over the world to know their future. He is a man with varied interests and qualifications. … Read More

Merriman, Raymond

Merriman, Raymond West Bloomfield, MI www.mmacycles.com mmacycles@msn.com Raymond is the President of The Merriman Market Analyst, Inc., a financial market advisory firm specializing in market timing products and services to investors and traders since 1981. He is the author of … Read More

Meridian, Bill

Meridian, Bill New York, NY CyclesResearch@aol.com www.billmeridian.com Bill obtained his MBA in 1972 and began studying astrology that same year. A nine year psychotherapeutic training apprenticeship followed. He has been on Wall Street since the 1970’s. Bill first began applying … Read More

Bennett, Naomi

Bennett, Naomi Austin, TX 512 619-9255 naomibennett9@yahoo.com www.learnastrologynow.com Naomi has been an astrologer since 1970. She currently lives in Austin, Texas with an astrology practice and teaches the subject locally. With a BA in Psychology, she is sympathetic to the … Read More