Schwimmer, Larry

Schwimmer, Larry San Francisco, CA (415) 999-5888 or (415) 662-3130 Three Things Make Larry Unique…The practical way he uses Astrology to help his clients make “real world” decisions (i.e., nothing “airy-fairy” about the specifics he gives you). His … Read More

Rostant, Beverley

Rostant, Beverley Marlbank Ontario, Canada Beverley Rostant has been consulting in the area of astrology since 1990. She has counseled folks nationally and internationally, from members of Royal families, company VP’s to average individuals. She holds a license … Read More

Thorp, Barb

Thorp, Barb South Melbourne 0417 534 436 Children’s Astrology Reports Barbara Thorp uses her astrological expertise to create her children’s astrology reports. She has extensive experience in her field, and is a member of some of the most … Read More

Monteiro, Marcos

Monteiro, Marcos Barra Velha/SC, Brazil mvmonteiro1 (skype) Marcos began studying astrology under Pedro Sette Câmara, a former student of the world famous astrologer, John Frawley. He wanted to understand natural symbolism, and to see if this strange … Read More

Levan, Michelle

Levan, Michelle Hmd. Phd. m.s. Clinical pathology, member American Society of Clinical pathology Doctorate in nutrition Doctorate in homeopathy Chicago, Il 818-530-3488 Dr. Levan has over 30 years experience in the health care field. She started Medical Astrology … Read More

Lavoie, Carol

Lavoie, Carol C.A., NCGR level IV, counseling West Hartford, CT (800) 659-1247 (860) 232-6521 Carol is a full time counseling astrologer with 22 years of experience offering a full line of astrological counseling services, including natal/predictive sessions, horary, … Read More

Hofer, Manuela

Hofer, Manuela Norway I have been studying Astrology for several years. I also have attended webinars conducted by mr. Robert Hand. I work with natal charts, transits, synastry, composites, returns, progressions, asteroids, fixed stars, event charts, pet astrology, … Read More

Fitch, Kevin D. Raphael

Fitch, Kevin D. Raphael Remond, WA 360 932-9441 Kevin Fitch (Raphael) began his study of astrology, in 1979, while attending the House of David, An African spiritual community, where he studied Hebrew and comparative religious and spiritual subjects. … Read More