Rao, C.S

Rao, C.S M.A.,(Astrology) M.B.A.,LL.B. Hyderabad, India +91-9440348175 www.astrocounselor.com www.jyotishasakalahadaru.com csr162002@yahoo.com C.S.Rao is qualified in Astrology with M.A. (Astrology) degree from P.S.Telugu University, Hyderabad (India). Honorary Titles : aboutusDaivagna Siromani; K.P.Sidhanta Siromani; Jyotisha Visarada; Jyotisha Bhaskara; Jyotisha Acharya; Jyotisha Vidya Bhushana; … Read More

Tatavarthy, Bhawaan

Tatavarthy, Bhawaan Hyderabad, India bhawan61@gmail.com I Am Dr.Bhawaan Tatavarthy from HYDERABAD, INDIA. I did my B.Sc.,M.A,jyotisham, Ph.D. I am Practicing Vedic Astrology from last ten years. Interested to participate in INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCES from India. Interamerician University of Humanistic studies (U.S.A). … Read More

Manjulata, A

Manjulata, A Hyderabad,India straight_to_manju@yahoo.co.in I am Mrs. Manjulatha. A did MBA, MA (astrology), a practicing astrologer from the last 5 years. My specialty is mainly related to match analysis i,e match making , westerns call it as synastry, female horoscopy, … Read More

Kumar, G.V.S.

Kumar, G.V.S. geminiastroserrvices@gmail.com G V S Kumar’s profile photo Mr. G.V.S. KUMAR is an eminent Full Time Vedic Astrologer from Hyderabad, A.P, India with 8 Years of experience in Analyzing Natal Charts and made hundreds of Successful Power Solutions to … Read More