Morgan, Deborah

Morgan, Deborah Nottingham, U.K. I believe that astrology can be an invaluable guide through life that expands our awareness of ourselves and places us as spiritual beings in the physical world. I specialize in personal development work using … Read More

Levan, Michelle

Levan, Michelle Hmd. Phd. m.s. Clinical pathology, member American Society of Clinical pathology Doctorate in nutrition Doctorate in homeopathy Chicago, Il 818-530-3488 Dr. Levan has over 30 years experience in the health care field. She started Medical Astrology … Read More

Goshen, Catherine

Goshen, Catherine Nyack, NY (917) 543-2610 Catherine Goshen (BA HONS, HDE) is a life-long student of Astrology and a highest honors graduate of Noel Tyl’s rigorous Master’s Degree Certification Program for Professional Astrologers. She has worked intensively with … Read More

Foxworthy, Teresa Ann

Foxworthy, Teresa Ann Los Angeles, CA 415.289.2213 Teresa is a professional astrologer who has been doing paid readings for over 30 years. Her grasp of astrology started very early in Life. Teresa began … Read More

Fannin, Bert

Fannin, Bert PO Box 192311 San Francisco CA 94119-2311 Phone 415-439-0341 I started my studies of Astrology (As a tropicalist) in Boston in 1969. I moved back home to San Francisco in 1974, where I became associated with … Read More

Brennan, Chris

Brennan, Chris Chris is a practicing astrologer and researcher from Denver, Colorado. He is a graduate of Kepler College, where he focused on cross-cultural comparisons between the astrological traditions, and he currently serves on the Kepler Board of … Read More

Black, June

Black, June Somersworth, NH 603-6692-0306 I have been providing astrological consultations from my home in Somersworth, NH since 1992. I work exclusively with women, guiding and clarifying the day- to-day of their unique journey. As a Social Worker for … Read More

Avanti, Michele

Avanti, Michele, CAP Reno, NV. 775-673-6568 Michele specializes in natal, predictive and relationship astrology for adults, children and business associates. She is one of less than fifty astrologers worldwide accredited in Fixed Star astrology. When working with you, … Read More