Sullivan, Erin

Sullivan, Erin Santa Fe, N.M. 505-780-8445 Erin Sullivan is Canadian born and has been a consultant astrologer and teacher since the late 1960’s. She organized symposia for her “Avalon Astrology” group in Victoria, BC, in 1994-1999 … Read More

Starck, Marcia

Starck, Marcia Santa Fe, NM (505) 983-8779 Marcia Starck has been working in the field of Astrology and Healing for over 30 years. She began research into Medical Astrology in 1971 when she found that so many of … Read More

Leoncini, Cassandra

Leoncini, Cassandra Silver City, NM 970-529-3572 Cassandra Leoncini has been an avid student of astrology since the early 1970’s and a practicing astrological counselor since the 1980’s. Her graduate level academic training includes archetypal psychology and symbolic anthropology. … Read More

Guttman, Arielle

Guttman, Arielle Santa Fe, NM 505-984-8330 Arielle, is a professional astrologer with an active practice, specializing in relocation techniques. She has 12 years of practice in working with and teaching mapping techniques to describe how many different … Read More