O’Brien, Dale

O’Brien, Dale Eugene, OR 541-485-9772 chironguy@pacinfo.com http://www.chironsouljourneytruth.com Dale is a full time astrologer, speaker, teacher and certified Astro*Carto*Graphy interpreter with 30 years of study. His specialties include Chiron, the Sabian symbols, and experiential astrology. Dale’s, eight week Chiron course is … Read More

Lee, Barbara

Lee, Barbara Ashland, OR (541) 482-5471 barbara@intuitivereflections.com www.intuitivereflections.com Barbara Lee is committed to being in total alignment with the highest aspects of herself and lives her passion for growth and enjoys helping others to trust their own intuition. “Follow your … Read More

Gelman, Rhoda CA/AFA

Gelman, Rhoda CA/AFA Seaside, Or 971-344-3908 rhodag4@gmail.com www.AskRhoda.com About Rhoda Gelman Bachelor of Arts 28 years Certified Astrologer/AFA Certified Adviser for Coalitions Preventing Domestic & Sexual Violence 25 years Public/Media Relations in: Television, Radio, Online Media, Business-to-Business Development, Chambers of … Read More

Gehrz, Andrea

Gehrz, Andrea Portland, Oregon 971-404-5068 (landline, please do not text) www.moirapress.org agehrz@gmail.com Andrea Gehrz is an astrological scholar and practicing astrologer based out of Portland, Oregon. After attending Kepler College of Astrological Arts and Sciences in pursuit of a Master’s … Read More