Suchan, Suzanne

Suchan, Suzanne Buffalo New York 716-548-5013 Suzanne Suchan is in the Buffalo New York area and is an energetic, enthusiastic holistic psychotherapist and energy healing arts practitioner. She helps her clients find their calling, understand their purpose, and … Read More

Newton-John, Pierz

Newton-John, Pierz Victoria, Australia 011 6139482 3018 Pierz is an astrologer and psychotherapist who is interested in tying together ideas in archetypal psychology with astrological theory and working on deepening the philosophical underpinnings of astrological practice. Contact him for private … Read More

Monks, Jeanni

Monks, Jeanni Brisbane, Australia 0407 324 861 Born in Africa, Jeanni brings her lifetime of in-depth experiences and wisdom into her teaching, writing and counselling. Passionately merging her astrological and psychological knowledge into her work as a teacher … Read More

Levine, Philip

Levine, Philip South Portland, ME 207-799-2613 Philip Levine, M.A. has a Masters Degree in Clinical and Counseling Psychology, and is certified to practice psycho synthesis. He is a teacher and writer who has been practicing astrology since 1973, … Read More

Krok, Euegenia

Krok, Euegenia Pine, CO 720-441-2120 Blog –   Oftentimes, astrology can seem abstract and distant to the novice client, leaving them confused and bewildered as to how the astrologer has interpreted their information. As a trained psychotherapist, … Read More

Harte, Judith

Harte, Judith Los Angeles, CA 310- 281-7991 Judith Harte, Ph.D., is a licensed psychotherapist and depth astrological consultant, who has received training in both marriage and family counseling and Jungian oriented psychotherapy. Her practice of depth psychotherapy … Read More

Bogart, Greg

Bogart, Greg Richmond, CA 510-594-4329 Greg is a Bay Area astrologer and psychotherapist. He is also the author of four books described in his web site. Greg does chart readings in person or by telephone. He holds a … Read More

Bevan, Lorna MA MBACP

Bevan, Lorna MA MBACP Astrologer Master NLP Coach Psychotherapist Sherfield on Loddon Basingstoke, UK +44 (0)1256883883 As a consultant astrologer for the Sunday Times and other publications, I have had unrivalled experience in talking with people about their … Read More