Rae, Dunnea

Rae, Dunnea Johnson City, TN alohaastro@gmail.com www.AlohaAstro.com Experienced spiritual astrologer Dunnea Rae provides personal astrology readings, intuitive rune readings, natal chart interpretation, and relationship readings at affordable rates. She has over 30 years of experience as an astrological consultant. Her … Read More

Gardstein, T.C.

Gardstein, T.C. Brooklyn, NY 917.753.3609 PlutoRisingAstrologer@gmail.com http://www.pluto-rising-astrology.blogspot.com I offer private, in-depth astrology consultations in person, by phone, and via Skype, as well as private lessons if you wish to learn more about astrology. If you live in New York City … Read More

Aronson, David

Aronson, David Philadelphia, PA 215-450-0887 JAron98449@aol.com www.alchemicalwedding.com/astrology/ David Aronson has been a professional astrologer for over ten years. He is also a holistic energy healer, working with the modalities of reiki and integrated energy therapy, a professional tarot reader, and … Read More